ABC, CBS Fret Biden ‘Nemesis,’ Coal-Backing Manchin Has Dealt ‘Crushing Blow’ to Climate

Thursday Night: Senator Joe Manchin (D–WV) told his party’s leadership that he wouldn’t support President Biden’s latest attempt to pass his climate change agenda and other massive social spending proposals, so it was only natural that the liberal broadcast networks bemoaned on Friday that a Biden “nemesis” senator bankrolled by fossil fuels had dealt “a crushing blow” to fighting climate change.

CBS MorningsHe came out as being the most disillusioned by the decision. Tony Dokoupil was the socialist co-host. “Joe Manchin, a multimillionaire with a Mazerati and a family coal business says no on a climate deal,” White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe reported from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that a “frequent nemesis”Had been triggered “a familiar domestic headache for the President.”



O’Keefe said Manchin would “no longer support what was supposed be an ambitious piece of legislation…that would have finally passed the President’s ambitious climate change agenda” in the footsteps of having “single-handedly killed even more ambitious legislation that was going to have all sorts of other domestic priorities in it.”

“This time, he has concerns given the bigger than expected inflation report. Democrats have been working with him on a smaller bill…Now, amid concerns about that inflation report again, Manchin says he would only back a plan that would lower prescription drug prices and extend health care subsidies,” he added.

O’Keefe wrapped by reminding viewers that not only does Manchin hail from “a fossil fuel-producing state,” He was not, however. “has a lot of his own fortune in that industry, and receives a lot of campaign donations from it.”

On ABC’s Good Morning AmericaGeorge Stephanopoulos (co-host, ex-Clinton flack) called it “tough news for the President’s climate agenda”Mary Bruce, a senior White House correspondent, lamented the situation. “a crushing blow to the President’s agenda.”

Bruce did the part of White House flunky by refusing to cite Manchin’s opposition to new government spending amid record high inflation and instead framing it by lamenting provisions that won’t become law:

[T]His actions effectively end Biden’s hope for a climate agenda and a sweeping social security net bill, which had features like universal pre-K and paid family leave.[.] 

NBC will also air the show. Today co-host Hoda Kotb had a 32-second news brief in which she said Manchin “deal[t] a major blow yesterday to President Biden’s sweeping domestic agenda” that would include raising taxes.

“The senator says he is willing to support reducing prescription drug prices for seniors and extending subsidies for the Affordable Care Act. Manchin, a pivotal swing vote in an evenly divided Senate, is crucial. Democrats had hoped to pass the spending bill before midterm elections in November,” she added.

The media’s latest gripes against Manchin bucking his own party were made possible thanks to advertisers such as Jeep (on CBS), Liberty Mutual (on NBC), and Swiffer (on ABC). Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

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ABC’s Good Morning America
July 15, 2022
Eastern, 7:05

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: New This Morning; President Suffers Setback in Domestic Agenda; Sen Manchin Says He Won’t Support Key Economic Provisions]

GEORGE STENOPOULOS: Mary, in the meantime, some bad news is coming from President Obama’s Climate Agenda. 

MARY BRUCE. George, this is an utter blow to the President’s agenda. West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin announced to the party that he will not support climate funding or raise taxes for the rich. Democrats spent many months working to make Manchin a part of their plan, and this effectively ends Biden’s hope for a climate agenda. 

STEPHANOPOULOS, Mary Bruce. Manchin’s reason for inflation.


CBS Mornings
July 15, 2022
Eastern: 7:06 AM

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Manchin Sinks Climate Deal; Senator Won’t Support Climate & Tax Changes in Spending Deal]

ED O’KEEFE: Now, back home, there is a familiar domestic headache for the President again. Joe Manchin is a fellow Democrat and frequent nemesis. He announced that he will no longer be supporting legislation which was to have accomplished the President’s ambitious agenda on climate change. He may recall that he killed another ambitious piece of legislation last year that would have included many domestic priorities. However, he cut it because he was concerned about the price. Given the higher than expected inflation report, this time he is concerned. Democrats worked with him to craft a shorter bill, which would have contained the climate change provisions, some changes in health care, as well as the inflation report. It would have been funded by higher taxes on the rich. Manchin has stated that, despite concerns over the inflation report, he wouldn’t support any plan which would reduce prescription drug prices or extend healthcare subsidies. It is important to recall that Manchin, who represents a nation dependent on fossil fuels, makes a significant amount of money in the industry and also receives large amounts of campaign donations. This is why many Democrats are upset over this sudden development. They know that it will affect the president and his party’s plans for November’s election. The White Hass — the White House has no official comment this morning, preferring instead to keep publicly focused on what’s going to transpire here tonight. Tony? 



NBC’s Today
July 15, 2022
Eastern: 7:32 am

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Today’s Headlines; Manchin Deals Blow to Biden Agenda]

HODA KOTB : Now let’s go Democratic Senator Joe Manchin dealt a serious blow to President Biden yesterday’s broad domestic agenda. Manchin said he won’t support any proposals for increased climate change spending, or for higher taxes for corporations and wealthy Americans. Senator Manchin stated that he would support the Affordable Healthcare Act’s expansion of subsidy programs and lower prescription drug costs for senior citizens. Manchin, a pivotal swing vote in an evenly divided Senate, is crucial. Democrats hoped that the spending bill would be passed before November’s midterm elections. 

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