ABC, CBS Are MIA as Border Arrests Reach Historic, ‘Stunning’ High

CBS and ABC are yet to comment on the latest development in the continuing crisis at the south border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that authorities detained 1.7 Million migrants over the fiscal year 2021, according to the report by The Washington Post.  It’s not like the Biden-supporting hacks at CBS completely ignored Mexico, however. The CBS reported Thursday on a salmonella study linked to Mexican onions. 

NBC Nightly News on Thursday stood alone, offering 95 seconds on the “stunning” news. Anchor Lester Holt began: “Tonight, we’re following what could be a new surge of tens of thousands of migrants heading to the southern border just as we learned this surge shattered all previous records with nearly two million migrants crossing the border.” 



Julia Ainsley, a reporter, explained how terrible it is: 

One month ago, the stunning scenes captured at a Texas border crossing bridge were again a reminder of record-breaking migrant flood. New data obtained from NBC News shows that over 1.7million undocumented migrants were arrested at the border during the last year. It is the most recent total American history has seen. U.S. officials monitor tens more immigrants that may be heading north tonight. 

The Media Research Center stated that September 16th, 2021 saw a drop in evening news coverage of 94% from August. On September 17, coverage actually spiked with ABC fretting about the “new crisis at the border.” NBC featured a report on the “record migrant surge.”

But this week, network journalists on ABC and CBS couldn’t even be bothered to cover the latest. As noted earlier, this was the Mexico story that CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell thought was most important: 

The CDC has issued a warning that salmonella from onions from Mexico is causing more than 650 cases of illness in 37 states. Nearly 130 patients have been admitted to hospitals. Pro Source Incorporated has ordered businesses to cease selling onions imported from Mexico. Please throw out any onions you may have at home. 


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The transcript NBC Nightly NewsBelow is the segment. Click “expand” to read more. 

NBC Nightly News

7.14 pm ET 

LESTER HOLT: This evening, we are following what may be a new wave of tens to thousands of migrants who cross the southern border. We learned that this surge has surpassed all other records by crossing nearly 2 million migrants. Julia Ainsley shares more. 

JULIA AINSLEY – Just one month after the stunning images from Texas’ border bridge, another sign of the unprecedented migrant surge. New data from NBC News has shown that more than 1.7 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at Texas’ border in the past year. This is the largest number of undocumented immigrants ever captured. U.S. officials monitor tens more immigrants that could be heading north tonight. “I want to leave in any way I can,” this man says. There are many migrants in Columbia and Panama who have made their way to Ecuador, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and south Mexico. The law enforcement officers met some violence along their journey. Republicans accuse President Biden of encouraging this surge in immigration by allowing many immigrants to enter the U.S. He will be pressing this week for border protection and customs control. 

UNIDENTIFIED SENATOR: Does it seem like there is a crisis or not at the border? 

CHRIS MAGNUS (U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner nominee: Senator, I would say that my highest priority is going — 

UNIDENTIFIED SENATOR Do you think there is a border crisis? 

MAGNUS: Senator. What I want to say is that I consider the situation at the border very serious. 

AINSLEY – The Biden Administration blames a lot of recent searches on false information that provides migrants false hope. NBC News discovered that they are building an intelligence cell in order to track these messages and predict who will be next. Lester? 

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