A Tale of Two School Boards (or, Why You Should Listen to Voters) – Opinion

Two school boards from two different regions of the country witnessed dramatic changes last night.

A full-on revolution is taking place in San Fransisco as three left-leaning, progressives are being removed from their local school board. These three school board members were guilty of super-woke policies and promoted COVID regulations that actually hurt children, not help them. Parents were fed up. We have seen the brutal results of these tests earlier in today’s blog.

The school board members listened to taxpayers and followed woke politics instead of following their lead. That resulted in the parents of this school district making a decision to make a change. The parents needed to send some signals to future politicians and warn them to listen.

What isn’t trending nationally is what happened in Lafayette, Louisiana, last night. In a 7-2 vote, the school board* decided to eliminate virtually all COVID-19 restrictions and policies. It was because too many children were being quarantined from close contact with their classmates. But, it was not clear that any of the quarantined children had actually been infected. After several days of testing negative, they were returned home and did not show any signs or symptoms.

To keep as many students in school possible, that was the whole purpose of mitigation. However, these mitigation measures had the reverse effect. During the omicron waves we witnessed, tons of children were sent home even though their illness was not actually present.

The recall caused as much chaos for the attendees as it did for San Fransisco’s school board members.

Politically, San Franciso is quite progressive and Lafayette conservative. However, this isn’t as partisan an issue as you’d think. It’s a matter about listening to the parents, and your voters. Lafayette was the first to see that Lafayette’s children were not attending school as planned. A bipartisan team of school board members heard complaints from many parents. In San Fransisco, well…

Many politicians, especially in education, feel superior to their voters and parents who have children in the public schools. You should listen to their opinions, regardless of whether or not they believe so. They have the power and authority to remove you as a public servant. They’re your boss. You have to be there for them, and not rule them. That’s the fundamental mistake progressive politicians are making when it comes to the school system.

This is clearly evident in polling. Multiple Democratic governors are rolling back masking restrictions, and even David Axelrod is now out saying “Well, yeah, parents should be involved.”

It is because progressive politicians refuse to listen and insist on culture warfare politics and restrictive COVID mitigation strategies that the polls for Democrats are so bad this year. All signs point to another Republican victory.

There are two schools in this area. One pays attention to the parents. They were open to the suggestions of voters. They were right to make the call. One saw a backlash from voters that shocked many progressives living in a state with a deep progressive history. It’s a sign of something.


*Full disclosure: I am an employee of this school system.

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