A Million Big Agendas: ABC Primetime Drama Annoys Viewers with Excessively Political Propaganda

ABC’s prime-time drama A Million Little Things The show has proven itself to be a platform for promoting liberal views on viewers. But the show’s latest episode, “Fresh Start,” was like a woke trifecta, hitting on three favorite leftist topics – race, homosexuality, and abortion. For the second time in succession, they plugged Planned Parenthood as an abortion provider just to be able.

We all agreed on the racial storyline. This was unlike the past when a main character recalls a horrible memory about being part of an cruel and racist joke that the school authorities ignored.

These two gay storylines, yes there were both, are just too disgusting. In one, an adult character encourages his friend’s runaway minor child to make himself look like “a delicious piece of man candy” to make his cheating ex-boyfriend jealous. In the other, an ex-husband asks his ex-wife who is now a lesbian if it’s easier for her to please her new female lover because, as a woman herself, she knows her “way around town.”

It was a very egregious story. The story began when Maggie Miller, a radio talk host, received a phone call from an individual who was facing unplanned pregnancies.

Maggie: Uh? Anonymous in Charlestown.

Phone: Um, hi, Dr. Bloom. My name is Dr. Bloom and I am a single mother of my two children. They are my greatest joy. I work most days and go to night school in order to be a nurse.

Maggie: Wow. It’s all quite impressive.

Phone: Thanks. It’s a blessing that my family supports me with my kids. However, the truth is… I’m pregnant again. I don’t know yet. It wasn’t planned. I know I won’t be able to give everything I need to my children if this baby is here. It would mean I had to leave school. This is what I am doing for my children’s future. Well, it’s just… It’s not in my nature to… Oh, God. I’m sorry. It was just that…

Maggie: No. That’s okay. That’s okay. That sounds daunting.

PhoneIt is. This is the reason. It’s not something I want to keep. This is the right decision. However, it leaves me unsure how I will tell my family. My family is religious and will probably think less about me.

Maggie: It can be difficult to end a pregnancy.It is important to surround oneself with supportive people. Are you able to rely on others?

Phone? Possibly some of my friends. But I don’t know.

Maggie: I understand. Uh, well, We can help you find the nearest safe clinic.

Phone: We are grateful.

Jane’s assistantJane: Mr. Cutler is on the phone for you.

Phone: Would you recommend that I tell my family?

Maggie: I believe you should do what is right for you.


MaggieAsk your family: How would you feel if they didn’t hear?

Phone: I don’t know. Because… They want me to know everything.

MaggieIf you wish to keep it private, it is your right.

Phone: This really is a great help.

Maggie: Good. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to save resources.This is it for our today’s show. Thank you for listening.

How about giving her resources to continue her education and obtain good childcare, so she doesn’t feel compelled to end the life of her child in order to succeed? How about reminding her she’s more capable than she believes and that she can care for AllYou don’t have to give up any of your children. You could also inform her about the stats of desperate couples who are eager to adopt, love, and raise a child like hers. None of this was discussed.

After the show, Maggie learns from her boss Jane (Stephnie Weir) that she’s in hot water with the station’s owner, which the show’s writers felt was an opportune time to take a dig at conservatives:

Jane: Maggie, This information is not something you can give to your listener.

Maggie: ResourcesAll my calls.

Jane: When it comes to the subject. Talk radio attracts one of the most conservative listeners, but if they think you’re cool, then you’ve never met Mr. Cutler who runs the station.

Maggie: Yes. Of course, I do know Mr. Cutler to be conservative. We are grown women and call him Mr. Cutler.

Jane: It’s easy to fix. It is easy to fix. Your producers will need to improve their screening of calls so that they don’t hear the “A-word” again.

Maggie: If they get a call about abortion, it is certain that they will accept it.. Jane, you’re the one who told me to do it. Jane, you are the one that told me to reach out to people at a deeper level in order to make my show more meaningful. This is the only thing that makes me feel more connected to people. What would you do in this situation?

Jane: Avoid any topic that could be considered political.

Maggie: But it’s not. It’s personal. This is for the women who called. It’s also for all those who have ever been faced with that difficult decision. This is a far better way to help women than to bow down and follow the will of some male executive.

Jane: I support women. I support women throughout my career. Both you and me, we were able to enter a boys’ club. We must accept some conditions in order for us to continue our stay.It’s going to cause consequences if you talk about it on air. Maggie, I would prefer that this were not true, but that’s just the truth.

Maggie: I’ll face the consequences.

Jane: Okay, then.

Maggie: Okay.

Maggie doubles down on air, noting the recent abortion that she underwent.

Maggie: I’m going to start my show. Before I leave, let me share something I mentioned on my morning program. It’s not my intention to convince anybody of this. In fact, the reverse is true. Because I was pressured to, I wanted to speak about it. What I’m about teasing is not going to go unpunished. That’s it… It was an absolute right decision for me to abort my baby last year. It was also a decision I made because I knew that one day, I would like to be a mother. As a child, I was always aware that being a parent would be something I could do. These are only a few of the complicated situations that surround my decision to have an abortion. However, every person facing that decision has unique circumstances that make it personal. Personal. Personal. There is no need for anyone to shame or judge a woman for choosing what is best for them. So, if you need information on abortion or contraception, please visit the Planned Parenthood website at PlannedParenthood.org. Thank you for listening.

Maggie is already a mother. Having an abortion doesn’t change that; it just ended the life of her child. No one should shame or judge women who decide to have an abortion. It is not right to use women’s fear or desperation in a crisis pregnancy as a platform for promoting an abortion agenda. But that’s exactly what Planned Parenthood does.

Planned Parenthood has ample resources to offer prenatal care, but they don’t, and it’s obvious why. It’s the same reason this show didn’t plug adoption agencies or crisis pregnancy centers that help women choose life. Because their true agenda isn’t to support women, it’s to promote abortion. Allison Miller, who played Maggie, took it one step further. proudly tweetingShe donated two more pro-abortion organisations in her honor to all of the “Mr. Cutlers” around the globe.

At the episode’s end, Jane is fired for not being able to “control” Maggie, but she’s happy Maggie didn’t censor herself because Jane thinks she was “amazing” and is doing “good work.”

There are many viewers expressed displeasureThe show is too “woke”They were happy, but others felt that constant political lecture was ruining the show. One said that she was horrifiedThe abortion storyline. We couldn’t agree more.

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