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7 Characteristics You Want in a Injury Lawyer

Have you been injured in a car accident or at work? Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer?

Hiring a personal injury attorney can be a great decision. They can get you the right medical attention, help you negotiate, and provide you with peace of mind.

Yet what should you be looking for in an injury attorney, and how do you know when you’ve found the right one?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Experience

After you’ve gotten injured at work, you may be feeling anxious, confused, and even depressed. The last thing you’ll need is an attorney who has no experience litigating your type of case.

When researching personal injury attorneys in your area, go online and look on their homepage for practice areas. Make sure personal injury law is one of them, as this is an indication that it’s one of the areas they specialize in.

Many lawyers offer free initial consultations. This can be a great opportunity for you to find out about your lawyer’s experience in personal injury law.

Ask your attorney what percentage of their caseload is dedicated to personal injury law. Can they give you an example of a case similar to yours that they won? What was their strategy?

Your lawyer should also be able to let you know during your initial visit whether or not you have a case, as well as the types of documents you’ll need. Take advantage of this opportunity to prepare ahead of time.

2. Recommendations and Reviews

Many people find a personal injury attorney through word of mouth. You can start by asking trusted friends and family members to recommend an attorney they were happy with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Was the lawyer friendly and professional? What was the outcome of the case? Were there any unexpected fees along the way?

If you can’t get any personal recommendations, you can research attorneys online. Make sure you check out reviews to see what former clients are saying. 

If your attorney is getting mostly positive reviews, there’s a good chance any negative comments are outliers. If, however, you’re seeing the same complaints several times, chances are you’re getting a good idea of the type of experience you’ll have.

When you’ve found an attorney you’re thinking of hiring, ask them for at least three references you can speak to. Make sure that what you’re hearing in person confirms what you’ve seen in your research.

3. Location

You’ll want to hire a local attorney because they’ll be most familiar with the laws and regulations in your area. They’ll also be priced appropriately for where you live.

You may end up paying more for personal injury attorneys in urban areas than you do in more rural locations. Before you hire someone, make sure you know how you’ll get billed and what your attorney’s rates are. Once you’ve gotten at least three estimates, you can be confident that what you’ll be paying is reasonable for your case type and geographical location.

Keep in mind that you may be making several trips to your attorney’s office if you’re involved in a personal injury case. You’ll want your lawyer to be located somewhere you’re comfortable driving to.

4. Negotiating Skills

Oftentimes, a settlement can be reached for your case before you go to trial. You’ll want an attorney who has honed their negotiating skills so you can get the most favorable outcome possible.

5. Availability

Sometimes, you’ll interview a lawyer but end up working more with paralegals or other professionals in the office as you comb through the particulars of your case. If that’s the situation, make sure you ask to meet these folks before you hire your attorney.

You’ll also want, however, to find out about your lawyer’s availability. How long will it take them to respond to a phone call or email if you have a question? Will you get to speak to them directly?

Recovering from an injury can be a stressful time. You’ll want to know that any of your questions or concerns can get addressed quickly.

6. A Good Listener

You can get a good sense of your attorney’s listening skills before you hire them. They’ll seem genuinely interested in the details of your case and ask relevant questions.

You won’t want a lawyer who is only interested in sharing their opinion or interrupts you while you speak. Make sure that your attorney listens carefully to your testimony, as well as your concerns. The right lawyer will be sensitive to your fears and can help you resolve your case efficiently.

7. Success

The right attorney will be able to share recent success stories that give you hope. They may, for example, have gotten a large settlement for a client who sustained injuries they could not recover from with the money from their worker’s comp insurance

Success stories let you know that your lawyer knows what they’re doing and will fight for your best interests throughout your case. Make sure you ask for proof of their know-how while you’re searching for the right personal injury attorney.

The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

The ideal personal injury lawyer for you is a local professional who can get the job done. If they have a track record of experience and success, you can be confident that your money will be invested well. The right attorney can get you the compensation you need so you can recover from your injury and get back to your life in no time.

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