6 Steps to Take After Being Charged with a DUI

6 Steps to Take After Being Charged with a DUI

Globally, thousands of people are charged with DUI. Your life will be highly impacted when you are arrested with a DUI charge. Driving under the influence is among the road offenses that many countries take seriously since many road accidents are avoidable if drivers were sober. In Miami, as most people would do when they get arrested for DUI, is to get their Miami DUI attorney at once. But before thinking of having your lawyer, here are the other steps to take after being charged with a DUI.

In most cases, your license might be suspended more so for countries with working transport systems, and others might choose to revoke your license entirely. However, you might also be subjected to fines and court costs. If you are unlucky, a DUI arrest could send you to jail. Many employers want staff members who exhibit professionalism even when in public. DUI arrest could result in job loss or tarnishes your name hence becoming less employable. Considering these consequences, you should never underestimate the looming damage from a DUI charge. What should I do after a DUI charge? Here are six critical steps to take after being charged with a DUI.

Find a Ride Home

If you are in a country where you are released from jail, you will be required to find a ride home once you have been charged. In other cases, you might be detained overnight until the officers are convinced that you have sobered up. However, all these circumstances will only point to the importance of getting someone to pick and drop you home since the license might be suspended immediately after ad DUI charge is filled. Avoid dramas, and being charged with another offense after the first charge is the only option.

Block Your Court Case Calendar

Whether you spend a night in custody or immediately get released after the DUI charge is filed, a notice containing the dates when expected to appear in court will be issued. You will be making a mistake to lose, forget or even dismiss this date; always keep the notice safe and block the date on your calendar to avoiding missing the proceeding. If you have work and other activities that would be conflicting on the appointment day, ensure that you contact the concerned persons to reschedule the appointment.

Weigh the Options of Hiring a Lawyer

Although the world is touting for DIY solutions, unless you are confident that you want to plead guilty, hiring an attorney will help you navigate through the DUI case with ease. Besides, enacted DUI laws might be hard to understand, and this means that you must find the right lawyer who will guide you through the entire process.

Prepare for the Court

Different people will choose to plead differently, and you should know your stand beforehand. Are you by any chance planning to plead guilty? You will need to look your best and ensure that you carry the required paperwork required by the jury. Since you might be planning to plead not guilty, then hiring an attorney will be the right decision. Besides, you will need to prepare a lot more such as recording a statement of the events of that evening and getting testimonials from your friends or other people you were with, among others.

Look into SR-22 Insurance

Insurance companies come to our aid when we need them the most. In this case, after a DUI charge and your license gets suspended, contacting your insurance and learning about SR-22 insurance will be the way to go. You must download an SR-22 form and later contact an insurance agency that will help you learn about their expectation of your new insurance rate. However, be prepared to see higher insurance premium rates, which will be experienced for some time.

Organize Transportation

Although there are courts that will allow you to get a hardship license, you can drive to work and school. Besides, if before the court hearing you do not have this kind of license after the suspension of the original, then you must make other arrangements that help you commute easily and be in the court on time.

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