4 Ways A Franking Machine Would Benefit Your Business

Franking machines are one of the most useful machine developments to benefit the modern office. These convenient little items automatically print address labels and postage on all kinds of envelopes.

There are many benefits to this beyond the obvious benefits that result from automation in the industry. Using the mail mark system is the most cost-effective approach to financing postage. It’s much more efficient and will reduce payroll hours paid by the company. Having digitally printed labels and postage as legitimacy to your company’s appearance. And the consistency of output improves the likelihood of your mailings reaching their intended recipient.

Drinking machines are the smart choice. They take out all of the guesswork and add several benefits and modern features otherwise unavailable. If your company deals with any kind of large mailing list, investing in a franking machine will revolutionize the mailroom of your organization.

Save Money On Postage

The use of a franking machine is the cheapest option for postage across the UK. Franking machines from FP can utilize the mail mark. Mail Mark is a digitized postage system in use by Royal Mail. Mail Mark has so many benefits for companies and Royal Mail that they offer discounts to postage for any company that uses it. Mail Mark is the cheapest form of postage available in the UK.

There are many reasons for this and those reasons benefit Royal Mail, companies, and customers alike. Postage items sent with MailMark postage use a specialized QR code that contains a lot of information about the package. This includes automatically embedded tracking numbers, recipient addresses, postage price, and return addresses. With all these benefits it’s easy to see why it’s the cheapest option for everybody. It saves everybody a lot of time.

More Efficient Use of Time

In addition to the convenience offered by the MailMark postage system and the discounts that come with it, is the overall decrease in resources spent processing the mail list. Drinking machines take out all of the manual labor behind sending letters and other periodicals. 

Traditionally, someone would have to write or print a label for each envelope and apply it. Additionally, they’d have to purchase postage and apply it to the envelope as well. Using a modern drinking machine eliminates almost all of those tasks. 

The only thing you need to do if your office uses a franking machine is prepare the labels on the computer with the correct addresses and load the machine with envelopes. Besides pressing start, that’s all there is to it. Nobody is required to waste time handwriting or applying label stickers and stamps. Depending on the size of your mailing list, this could mean hundreds of payroll hours a month.

Enhanced Professional Appearance

Using automation to print your postage and address labels has more of a professional-looking feel than sticker labels and stamps. Using printed postage and address labels makes your company look like one of the big dogs. Using QR postage sigils ensures that your company appears up to date.

More importantly, the practical benefits greatly streamline the customers’ experience and improve your company’s customer service quality. Never before have the sender, recipient, and postal service could access shared information about every piece of mail in the system. Because the information is embedded in the MailMark digital glyph, any party privy to the glyph can access key information about the package and its last whereabouts. Absolutely amazing!

Consistency And Error Checking

Using the MailMark standardized system and franking machines ensures that there are fewer errors made. The printed addresses can easily be cross-referenced with the information in the postal glyph. This redundancy of information ensures that it gets where it needs to go.

Benefits Across Multiple Domains

Using a franking machine has benefits across many domains of the industry. There are major benefits your organization will come to rely on. Whether it be all the time that is saved, the money spent, or the improved performance and customer service features, investing in a franking machine will revolutionize your life.

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