4 Simple Things You Need to Reach Your Goals

Sometimes we have a tendency to overcomplicate setting goals. This often becomes an obstacle to ever getting started on those goals. Here are four simple things that will help you hit the ground running today.

A watch.

Everyone knows our phones sabotage time management and productivity. The excuses for keeping them close are endless. “But I need to know what time it is!”

You have a plethora of options ranging from simple analog watches to smartwatches to luxury brand watches, but telling time doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you do not own a watch, get one. Set that phone out of reach from your workspace with ringers on only for the most pressing calls and texts. 

If you need a watch that is 100% waterproof – check this list

A plan.

As the old saying goes “a failure to plan is a plan to fail”.

Your plan, which comes from your goal setting, should include three things: a master plan sheet, a habit tracker, and a wall calendar. Hang a physical version of each item somewhere you will see them every day.

Your master plan sheet should list the goal, your reason for the goal, the way you will accomplish the goal, benefits of accomplishing the goal, the goal benchmark, and a deadline.

Say you set a goal to learn how to build a basic website in a month. Your master plan might look like this:

GOAL: Build a simple website using HTML and CSS.

REASON: I have dabbled in building websites, but I want to get better and start building websites for a side hustle.

HOW: I will work through the website building course I purchased for an hour a day after work. Everyday I work on the course, I will record it on my habit tracker.

BENEFIT: I can create a profitable side hustle which will enable me to put more into savings.

BENCHMARK: When I have finished the course and built a practice website for my friends business, I will start selling my services.

DEADLINE: Three months from today.

You can find free habit trackers all over the internet. Print one off for each month you are working on your goal.

Write your deadlines on the wall calendar. Every week where you successfully fill out your habit tracker gets a green ‘X’ on Saturday.

You only have to complete one day at a time.

Remember, the best plan is the plan you follow.

Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Get this book at your library, download it on Audible, or get the ebook today. Mindset is important, especially when it comes to habits and goal setting. But there are also practical methods you can apply. Clear’s Atomic Habits is the last book you will ever need to read on the topic.

A regular physical activity.

Keep this simple enough to do anywhere.If you don’t already have some exercise routine or sport that you enjoy, begin with a fifteen minute walk every day.

Movement induces the circulation of oxygen and blood to your brain. This provides nutrients your brain needs to function. Getting your heart pumping also induces the release of endorphins which improves your mood.

Who hasn’t had a long, soul crushing, sedentary day in the office? If you want to feel better and get more done, get moving.

Planning for new goals is a crucial step towards meeting your goals. But don’t let analysis paralysis hold you back. Get started today. 

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