3 Morning Habits to Get the Day Started

As soon as their eyes pop open in the morning, people have a choice. They can choose to approach the day with positivity and light, or they can choose to harbor resentment and anger for what has not gone their way in the past. Whatever choice is made  will determine the tone for the rest of the day. With all the decisions that a judge must make, this is an important one. Andrew Napolitano chooses daily to put his best foot forward by starting the day with positive thoughts and an optimistic outlook.

Dress for the job a you want, not the job a you have. In today’s quarantined lifestyle, it is very easy to let one’s appearance slip a bit. Yoga pants, comfy shirts and house slippers seem to be an obvious choice. After all, who is going to see them? By dressing for a normal workday, people put themselves in a different mind space. They are in a place of professionalism and a place of “let’s conquer the world” attitude! Consider how someone behaves when someone else is coming over. They fix their hair, take pride in their appearance and open the door with excitement. Take that energy and do the same for a typical work day, even at home! 

Lastly, meditate and be grateful. By starting the day with a few moments of quiet and reflection, people allow their mind to be better focused on the things that matter and not let the noise around them interfere with their productivity. Before he leaves his house, Andrew Napolitano, thinks about and shows gratitude to his father. He remembers with extreme fondness, how warm, loving, and gentle he was. This allows him to start his day with happiness in his heart and a lightness that will carry him through.

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