Woke Lightyear Gets Beat By Minions: The Rise Of Gru

Wake up, you can’t go to sleep! After years of shoving leftist propaganda into children’s entertainment, Disney has learned a hard lesson in playing identity politics.. 

According to BoundingIntoComics, cry-baby “Lightyear” Director Angus MacLane is attacking critics after getting beat by “Minions: The Rise Of Gru.”

Lightyear’s woke film opened with a shocking $51million, far less than expected. The-Numbers reports that the film never achieved commercial success. It dropped 64% in its first week, and another 64% by its third. 

Compared that to Minions: The Rise Of Gru: The non-woke children’s movie matched Lightyear’s entire domestic run during opening weekend to $107 million. Today, the movie is valued at $10.6 million with $93.7million internationally. This totals $234.3 millions. It is quite telling that the film has a different budget, though this was not appreciated by Hollywood Lefties.

Maclane lashed out on Twitter at those who criticized the “Lightyear” movie for being too political. Maclane called out critics and retweeted Lon Harris’ account to do so. 

For a second, I’m going to get serious. Log off the internet immediately if you read this article and think LIGHTYEAR against MINIONS constitutes a serious political or social debate. You are being poisoned.

— Lon Harris (@Lons) July 6, 2022

“Gonna get 100% serious for a moment. If you are reading this, and you think LIGHTYEAR vs. MINIONS represents a real political or social debate, such that you can read deeper meaning into their box office totals, log off the internet immediately,” Mclane retweeted. “You have been poisoned.”

McLane does not cite the lesbian kiss scene backlash as the reason for “Lightyear’s” flop but blames internet trolls.

Short answer: much like the second chapter of THE HOBBIT, it mainly has to do with trolls https://t.co/EUZrxRUUzf

— Angus MacLane (@AngusMacLane) July 6, 2022

In response to a Twitter user asking why the IMDB ratings were so low, McLane stated: “Short answer: much like the second chapter of THE HOBBIT, it mainly has to do with trolls.” Instead of taking responsibility for the poor movie he made, McLane wants to play the blame game. 

McLane then defends the shoving of propaganda into his movie by tweeting shots from different movies with the caption: “Why is it necessary to incorporate politics in science fiction?.” 

Why do you have to insert politics into science fiction pic.twitter.com/hdKG4DbWan

— Angus MacLane (@AngusMacLane) July 7, 2022

McLane does McLane ever forget that his movie was made to entertain children, and not send a political message.

House of Mouse learned a lot about the types of films American families are likely to bring their kids to. Minions: Movies that are purely entertainment focused will prove to be popular with all age groups. 


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