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When I was growing up, you had to learn to take a joke — jokes, after all, were all around.

They seem to be almost nonexistent these days.

Where they’re found, beware the wreckage which awaits.

Such seems the case at St. Albans School: Administrators are allegedly laying down the law where comedy’s concerned.

The Washington Free Beacon reports it’s obtained a draft of the institution’s “anti-bias” policy.

As revealed, the Washington D.C. school’s serious about being serious.

Per the policy, attendees may be expelled for a single instance of “misplaced humor.”

And the state of a student’s heart is of no concern; what matters is whether anyone is offended.

“It is the impact of hate speech, rather than the intent of those perpetrating it, that is of utmost importance,” the document declares.

Might those in charge consider that “hate” is an emotion, and therefore “hate speech” would denote intent?

It’s not necessarily on the docket.

By the way, those in hot water will turn out to be men — as framed by the Free Beacon, St. Albans is “one of the oldest and most prestigious boys schools in the United States.”

Boys will be boys — but perhaps not at St. Albans.

Expulsion will possibly result “even in the case of a single expression, act, or gesture.”

And not only should students stay away from offense they didn’t intend; the Powers That Be compel all to observe and report:

Students, faculty, staff and family members who witness or have knowledge of an instance of hate speech should also report it to authorities.

St. Albans isn’t the first to enforce such a cult-like canary-singing system:

This seems to be a significant and positive change.

When I was a child, teachers told us, “No one likes a tattle tale.”

I recall a tag once stuck to a student’s back indicating he enjoyed intimate acts with livestock.

No one got in trouble, and a lot of people laughed — including the fingered participant in animal amore.

But these days, even college students need “safe spaces” — not from physical harm, but words, ideas, and even different shades of skin.

Each of these conditions could lead to trauma.

St. Albans is dedicated to avoiding these life-changing events.

Oder, they might be in the near future.

The Free Beacon

It’s unclear whether the policy has formally gone into effect or is still subject to revision. However, the creation of the policy language took more than a full year. In July 2020, the school publicly committed to “developing a new policy for inclusion” that “specifically addresses racial hate speech” and outlines a process for “investigating and eradicating such behavior.”

Additionally, the outlet observes St. Albans refers to Hispanics as “Latinx” (despite actual Hispanics rarely using that term) and just yesterday celebrated “Indigenous People’s Day.”

Learn more:

In June 2020, all faculty and staff were required to read Ibram X. Kendi’s Antiracists: How to be one and that September all middle and high school students read Ta-Nehisi Coates’sThe World and Me. St. Albans also curates an extensive list of “resources,” including Robin DiAngelo’s White FragilityA textbook introducing Critical Race Theory.

The $50,000+/year school also sponsors an “Alliance of White Antiracists.”

For rich kids who offer “misplaced humor,” discipline will likely be doled via the school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion committee.

Several years ago, comedian Brian Regan was asked, “Do they have Sunday School in LA?”

He replied, “I don’t even think they have Sunday.”

Perhaps something similar can be said as to whether they have funny jokes at St. Alban’s.

Still, if the all-boys school wants to really get fully awoke, it’s gonna have to step it up a notch:

And that…is no joke.

But for those of you who can take such a thing, here’s a reminder of what jokes used to be.

I challenge you to find one that’s absent of offense (Language Warning):



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