Witness at House Abortion Hearing Leaves Jamie Raskin ‘Reclaiming’ His Time After Devastating Rebuttal – Opinion

On Wednesday, the House held a hearing on abortion. The depravity and incompetence of the left were on full display. With heated arguments, witnesses to the Democratic cause were able to expose positions that are sure make your stomach churn.

For example, an abortion doctor made the claim that someone is not a “human being” until they are physically born.

It’s hard to fathom how someone can so smugly proclaim such evil, but that’s exactly what we see in that video clip. It is an abominable idea to say that a birthday confers humanity upon someone. Those arguments are what justified slavery. Besides, it’s scientifically untrue. We know that a baby in the womb is a human being, and to say it isn’t is lunacy. The left is willing to say anything in support of abortion.

Later, Chip Roy pegged the same witness down on how late she’s aborted a baby and whether she’s handled baby parts, a common occurrence in abortion clinics. She laughably objected, claiming Roy was using “inflammatory language.”

That’s not the clip I’m writing this article for, though. I would rather point out Catherine Glenn Foster from Americans United for Life as a pro-life witness. She was able completely to drop Rep. Jamie Raskin of Massachusetts. Raskin might be well-known for his leadership on the January 6, 2005 committee.

When Democrats face serious questions about their opinions on abortion or any other topic at all, this is exactly what they do. The topic of incest and rape is one of the main arguments the left makes to defend barbaric practices until the birth. It doesn’t matter that such instances represent a tiny fraction of abortions, with most estimates coming in around one percent, Democrats do not want to talk about the realities of what they actually support. They hide behind the facade of incest and rape concerns.

Foster provided the perfect counter-rebuttal in this case. She immediately asks Raskin, “If we added rape and incest exemptions, would you vote for it?” That left the Democrat rushing to “reclaim” his time so he could keep reading his prepared statement without answering the question.

Why can’t he answer it? Raskin is well aware that incest and rape are a red herring. Republicans could present today a bill that would allow abortion to be legalized in federal court in cases of rape or incest, but ban elective abortions. Not a single Democrat would support the bill. Given that, there’s no reason to even talk about rape and incest in these discussions because it’s obviously irrelevant.

Raskin was an intellectual weakling and thought that he could make a snide at Foster with no resistance. He had other plans, but she was not the only one. Watching her smile in response is priceless. Democrats must own the policies they are supporting. Let’s not allow Republicans to dance about the reality of abortion. The more Republicans do that, the more they’ll continue to turn the tide.

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