Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Car in Dubai

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Car in Dubai

Winters are coming, and so does the problem of maintaining your car during this cold season. Maintaining your car is required in every season. But you need to put in some special effort when it comes to maintaining it during winter. Though the winter season is not very harsh in Dubai as it is a relatively hot area, you still need to focus on a lot of things to maintain your car. 

From covering windscreens to replacing your car’s tyres in Dubai, a lot of things are involved in car maintenance. However, you don’t need to worry a lot about this maintenance as we will help you in this regard. We have brought some effective and top-listed winter maintenance tips for your car in Dubai.

Focus on Lights

During winter, the sun sets earlier and it starts getting dark after 5 pm. Fog will also be there to limit your sight during driving. Therefore, you need to focus on your car lights. Keeping them clean and checking if they are working properly must be your daily routine. Without these lights, you have a higher risk of getting an accident. So keep them clean and check them regularly throughout the winter season.

Car Battery

A car battery is probably one of the most affected things in your vehicle during winter. A weak battery can easily survive the summers but it will be a real challenge for it to work in winter. A weak battery is the main reason for a car breakdown during winter. You will never want to get a car breakdown on a cold and dark night of winter when returning home from somewhere. Therefore, make sure to check the battery of your car at the start of the season with the help of the volts test. Replace it immediately if required.

Engine Coolant Level

Engine coolant is probably the most neglected thing in winter. However, you need to pay special attention to it as well. A car engine coolant will not only maintain its temperature in hot weather but also prevent it from freezing during winter. Therefore, you can never compromise on its level. Check it and maintain its level after regular intervals to ensure the proper functioning of your car.

Car Tyres

When it comes to maintaining your car during winter, you cannot neglect the most important part of it. Yes, we are talking about tires. In Dubai, the weather remains hot for most of the year, and the temperature rises up to 50 degrees Celsius. So, you often buy tires that are suitable for hot weather. However, it never means that the same tires will work in summer as well. You need to replace your car tyres in Dubai for the winter season to keep your vehicle maintained.

Bottom Line

Follow the above tips to maintain your car during the cold winters. Apart from these tips, make sure to focus on the hose and belt inspection, windshield wipers, and breaks as well because these too are vital for the proper functioning of your car in winter.

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