Why Keto Salts Are the Most Reliable Keto Supplement

High-fat low-carb diets like the ketogenic diet have been growing in popularity. The process of ketosis forces the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates. Keto salts are also designed to help your body to start using ketosis. However, they have additional benefits too. In this post, we will explore the benefits of keto salts and demonstrate why they are the most reliable keto supplement out there.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis refers to the body burning fat for energy instead of glucose derived from carbohydrates. This can happen when someone fasts over a long period of time. Some people also deliberately alter their diet to achieve this. For example, a typical ketogenic diet can help to bring on ketosis. This is because it usually entails no more than 5% of daily calories coming from carbohydrates. Instead, calories are sought from healthy fats (70-80%) and proteins (20-30%).

Once your body is in a state of ketosis, it is better at burning body fat. This makes it an attractive option for people seeking to lose weight although this is not the only benefit. To stay in a state of ketosis, the body uses 3 types of ketones: Acetoacetate; Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid (BHB), and; Acetone. Sometimes, producing enough of all of these is hard to achieve through nutrition alone. That is where keto supplements come in.

What are the benefits of ketones?

Whilst the body produces and requires three ketones to stay in ketosis, most supplements are BHB based. This is because acetoacetete is used to create BHB so you can skip forward in the process with this supplementation. BHB is also highly stable and makes up 78% of ketones naturally occurring in the body. Studies showing the benefits of BHB include:

  • A BJS study highlighting the benefits of elevated ketones for its anti-inflammatory properties. In particular, they stress the potential benefits in terms of slowing malignant brain tumors and preventing some cancers.
  • An NCBI study highlighting the potential benefits in relation to cognitive functions and as a treatment for some children with epilepsy.
  • An NIH study showing a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and improved memory generally.
  • A JLR study focused on metabolic and general health benefits.

What types of keto supplements are there?

There are numerous long-term and short-term health benefits of ketone production. Given the ketogenic diet alone is often insufficient to produce the levels desired, supplements are a great way to reap the rewards. However, not all keto supplements are made equal. Here we outline the 3 major types of keto supplement before moving on to why keto salts are the most reliable supplement choice.


  • MCT Oils and Oil Powders


MCT oils and oil powders require the body to convert their fatty acids into BHB. As such, they cannot be used for energy immediately by the body. They can be found in things like coconut oil, foods with a high-fat content like avocados, and capsule supplements. They can help to increase ketone levels in the blood. However, they are not as efficient at doing so as the other types of keto supplements. Nevertheless, some people find MCT oils to be beneficial for focus and dieting. 


  • Ketone Esters


Unlike MCT oils, keto esters do contain the ketone BHB. This means you will feel the benefits faster and can draw on them as an energy source straight away. They are much faster at raising ketone levels in your blood too as a result. 

Unfortunately, ketone esters are not very good at keeping those ketone blood levels high. This means they are not so effective at keeping your body in a state of ketosis. They also taste pretty vile most of the time!


  • Keto Salts


Keto salts are literally BHB ketones absorbed into salt. Like ketone esters, they can be used as energy by the body straight away. They also raise the level of ketones in the blood faster than MCT oils. However, in addition, they help to maintain these levels for longer. This is great at ensuring the body stays in a state of ketosis. They can help improve weight loss and boost energy. 

NOTE: Watch out for fake ketone supplements

Some products claim to contain ketones that don’t actually help raise ketone levels. You can spot these fake supplements if raspberry ketones are listed in their ingredients. Unfortunately, these ketones are different and won’t help you reach a state of ketosis.

Why are keto salts the most reliable keto supplement?

As outlined, keto supplements are a great way to increase ketone levels in the blood. This can help you benefit from ketosis and BHB. They also help when it is difficult to rigidly stick to a ketogenic diet. Even when on a strict diet, they can help your body produce the levels of ketones required that can be difficult through nutrition alone. 

Keto salts with BHB are the most reliable way to do this. This is because they elevate blood levels of ketones as fast as esters but keep them there for longer too. Higher levels of ketones for longer fosters ketosis. Some people also find esters can cause digestive issues which are not usually an issue with salts.

Summing up

Numerous studies have shown the potential health benefits of ketosis and higher levels of ketones in the blood. From increased energy, improved weight loss, better memory, reduced inflammation, benefits for cancer, and Alzheimer’s prevention. Ketones are far more than your average supplement. Of all the keto supplements, keto salts offer the most reliable performance and help to maintain ketosis for longer. 

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