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I tend to stay away from “breaking” news that every other political pundit on the planet is in the process of beating to death, but the latest revelation surrounding the FBI’s Monday raid on Donald Trump’s private residence at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach was too “good” to pass up — and boy, do questions abound.

As reported by John Soloman, founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of Just the News on Thursday, two months before the Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump “secretly received a grand jury subpoena for classified documents belonging to the National Archives, and voluntarily cooperated by turning over responsive evidence, surrendering security surveillance footage and allowing federal agents and a senior Justice Department lawyer to tour his private storage locker, according to a half dozen people familiar with the incident.”

That very locker was raided by the FBI Monday. Is that not strange? Me, too.

While the cooperation was mostly arranged by Trump’s lawyers, noted Soloman, the former president personally surprised the Justice Department’s National Security Division prosecutor and three FBI agents who arrived at Mar-a-Lago on June 3, “greeting them as they came to pick up a small number of documents compliant with the subpoena,” the sources told JTN.

Here’s more, via Just the News:

Subpoenas were issued for all documents Trump still had with classification markings.

Officials said that Secret Service agents assisted the officials in their visit.

Trump signaled his full cooperation, telling the agents and prosecutor, “Look, whatever you need let us know,” according to two eyewitnesses. The federal team was surprised by the president’s invitation and asked for an immediate favor: to see the 6-foot-by-10-foot storage locker where his clothes, shoes, documents and mementos from his presidency were stored at the compound.

Given Trump’s instruction, the president’s lawyers complied and allowed the search by the FBI before the entourage left cordially. Five days later, DOJ officials sent a letter to Trump’s lawyers asking them to secure the storage locker with more than the lock they had seen. To comply, the Secret Service put in a stronger security lock.

According to sources, Trump Organization received another request for surveillance footage covering the storage locker. They then gave the footage to federal authorities.

What has changed in the year and half since Jan. 6, Capitol Riot and its aftermath? Trump ordered the attack on the least of Trump’s critical areas. Searches are allowed to be done voluntarilyJust two months ago, he was already dead. It was not enough to make another search mandatory, but it turned into an opportunity to do a re-search. yuugeAlso, news events? It’s possible, I think.

As we reported Thursday morning, FBI Director Christopher Wray finally responded to questions about the raid on Trump’s private residence at Mar-a-Lago, deflecting like crazy and saying he’s “concerned” about “threats” being made to FBI agents after they ransacked the former president and first lady’s home.

As we also reported, Biden’s inept attorney general, Merrick Garland spoke briefly on Thursday afternoon, saying the Justice Department has asked a federal magistrate judge to unseal copies of the search warrant that triggered Monday’s unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago. Garland also confirmed that he had “personally approved” the decision to seek a warrant, reportedly for “classified documents” Trump may have kept in his residence at the resort. He spoke for approximately four minutes, and did not answer any questions from reporters. Why? Garland stated that he had asked the judge for copies of search warrants which were sealed to trigger the raid. But he declined to answer any questions. It was a raid.

Again, odd? Hell, yeah. Why no questions, Mr. AG?

Was Garland afraid he’d mix up the “facts” or deviate from the official line? Enquiring minds want to know — including what else might have transpired or been discovered — or not — that led to a raid on Trump’s personal storage locker that he had already voluntarily helped agents search. There are important questions that need to be answered.

Noted George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley had similar questions, telling Fox News host Sean Hannity, “The more we learn, the more confusing this gets.” As transcribed by JTN:

Do they have to relay the history to magistrates? According to these sources, the president has cooperated. I mean, the idea that he was subject to a subpoena, complied with a subpoena, didn’t challenge it, voluntarily showed the storage room to the agents, followed their advice, secured it to meet their demands.

This is not enough to justify requesting that 40 FBI agents be sent on raid. If the subpoena was successful the first time around, then it is likely that a second subpoena will be issued if any documents are still available.

Exactly. Why would Trump voluntarily cooperate — extensively so — a first time and not a second time? There are so many questions and only so few answers.

Why you don’t suppose this whole thing is politically motivated, do you? Fear of a possible Democrat defeat in November’s midterms and the 2024 presidential elections? [snark, snark, and snark.]

As the old saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. In the case of Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Christopher Wray, where there’s Stink — there’s likely Rot. Keep watching.

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