Why Brand Consistency Can Be Your Key to Success

In the 21st century, the overabundance of businesses in the market makes it incredibly difficult for any given business to be perceived over others. However, building brand consistency is one way for businesses to both be seen and be recognized more. This is supported by statistics, which show that around 76% of customers want consistent brand interactions. Similarly, the data also shows that 88% of businesses which practiced brand consistency grew their revenues by at least 10%.

Although brand consistency will certainly improve any business, you can vastly improve it by utilizing brand consistency alongside hyper-personalization. Hyper-personalization involves the usage analysis and market segmentation using data such as browsing data, purchasing data, and customer affinity data. Major companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Starbucks, and Spotify have all implemented hyper-personalization and are proven, successful real life examples.

Fortunately, any business can harness the benefits of brand consistency and hyper-personalization by utilizing brand governance platforms such as BrandGuard. Through these brand governance platforms, businesses can enjoy the benefits of AI models that can analyze the essence of your branding. With tools that can analyze tone, feel, brand safety, and the style guide conformance, these platforms make an incredible addition to any growing business.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard 

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