Whitlock Crushes Establishment Media for American Racism Narrative on Griner

Contrary to the left-stream media’s pitiful claims that Brittney Griner, the pro basketball player imprisoned in Russia, is a victim of American racism, sports journalist and commentator Jason Whitlock says her situation is triggering globalists who traditionally hate America. 

“It baffles me that the American media are attempting to make what’s happening to Griner an example of American racism,” Whitlock wrote Wednesday.

He criticized Los Angeles Times writer Bill Plaschke for vilifying “racist” America for Griner’s Russian imprisonment instead of her alleged attempt to board a plane in Moscow with marijuana vaping cartridges in her bag.  

Plaschke had quoted Griner’s WNBA coach Vanessa Nygaard saying that if NBA superstar LeBron James had been jailed in Russia, he’d already be home.

“If it was LeBron James, he’d be home, right?” Plaschke said. “It’s a statement about the value of women, it’s a statement about the value of a black person. It’s a statement about the value of a gay person – all those things. We know it and so that’s what hurts a little more.”

Griner is black, a lesbian, has tattoos and dreadlocks and “doesn’t fit America’s image of the ideal female athlete,” so blame racist America first for her predicament. 

Plaschke’s take didn’t fly with Whitlock.

“Russia locks up a 6-foot-8 black woman for a tiny amount of hash, and it’s America’s fault. Really?” Whitlock replied. “What’s the matter with us? Are we really filled with this much self-hate?” 

Whitlock says James and Griner both are globalists.

“She’ll go anywhere and say anything for the paycheck,” Whitlock wrote. Griner went to Russia after she became dissatisfied by her WNBA salaries. There’s a cost to the global agenda – a loss of American rights, customs, and freedom.”

Whitlock followed up with a couple of sentences: “According to globalists America always is the evil guy.” America is always evil.” 

Griner is getting what Whitlock describes as a taste of Russian oppression – in “Wokedown Palace.” It’s similar to 19th century America, he said, adding, “We can only hope that when she does return to America, she’ll muster the courage to sing this country’s praises.” 

Griner wrote President Joe Biden, asking him to release her from jail.

“On the Fourth of July, our family normally honors the service of those who fought for our freedom, including my father who is a Vietnam War veteran,” she wrote. “It hurts thinking about how I usually celebrate this day because freedom means something completely different to me this year.”

This is a far cry from Griner’s tone during the last five years of social justice revolution in U.S. sports. 

Whitlock concluded that “WNBA and NBA players have spent the last five years demonizing America. Griner refused the right to sing the national anthem. LeBron James and NBA completely swallowed all Black Lives Matter material. Sitting in a Russian jail, Griner has rediscovered her patriotism.” 

Whitlock claims he feels more for Ashli Babbitt, the January 6 protesters and Brittney Griner than he does for Brittney Griner. Making an American citizen a political prisoner is exactly what his schoolteachers told him Russia does.

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