White House Finally Speaks out on Pro-Abortion Violence and Intimidation

The White House must have gotten some polling numbers that their response to leftist efforts to intimidate the Supreme Court, attack churches and pro-life groups wasn’t going over well. They never do anything “right” unless they’re checking their polls and that forces them around to reality. Not only didn’t they condemn such actions after the SCOTUS leak of the draft opinion, they even appeared to encourage them, casting them purely as “peaceful protest.”

That’s the anarchist symbol and 1312 is another way of saying “ACAB” or “All cops are bastards.”

The Biden team now condemns violence and threats, while also stating that justices must be safe. They shouldn’t have needed a firebombing or polls to do the right thing.

A statement was released by the White House about a day following an attack on an unidentified assailant who threw at most one Molotov cocktail in an office of Wisconsin Family Action, a pro-life group.

“President Biden strongly condemns this attack and political violence of any stripe. Throughout his public career, the President made it clear that Americans are entitled to their fundamental rights under the Constitution. But that expression must be peaceful and free of violence, vandalism, or attempts to intimidate,” the White House said in a statement.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, also participated.

Those are the statements they should have come out with right away, but they didn’t because they wanted to whip the left up into a frenzy so they’d get out and vote. And notice what still isn’t there — “Don’t go to the homes of the justices.” But now they’ve placed themselves between a rock and a hard place. They’re getting blasted by the folks on the right for not doing the right thing right away as they should have. They should have made it clear that they would defend the Court, not intimidate the justices. The Biden team also gets blasted from the Left who want to incite others. They feel the Biden group is not assertive enough and is giving in to pressure.

Yes, Keith, there has been violence, there have been threats and there has been vandalism — all after the Democrats were whipping people up. So this is right at the doorstep of the left and unfortunately, the weak response from the Biden team likely isn’t going to stop the leftists from continuing. But it may just make some of them not come out for Democrats they feel are abandoning the “fight.”

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