White House Falsifies Transcript of Biden’s Remarks at Saudi Presser – Opinion

Joe Biden stated that during his Friday press conference in Saudi Arabia, he raised the killing of Jamal Khashoggi before the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. (MBS).

“He basically said that he was not personally responsible for it. I indicated I thought he was,” Biden said.

It was clear that Biden wasn’t as direct in his statements as I thought.

Well, now I’m wondering even more, given how the White House transcript reflected what Biden said in the presser about the conversation. The White House transcript falsely claims that Biden said: “I indicated that he probably was.”

But that wasn’t what he said — it was a back-off and an attempt to soften what he told the press.

What did he have to say about MBS?

We’re supposed to believe that Biden accused MBS directly of being a murderer to his face, and then begged him for oil? Bided was not able to get much from the exchange. However, I’m skeptical. It is possible that the transcript attempts to better match what Biden actually said, but I doubt it. The transcript, regardless of the factual details, does not accurately reflect Joe Biden’s actual words at the presser.

In less than a week we have heard of this third incident.

The first instance was where Biden infamously said “repeat the line,” seemingly reading the instructions off the teleprompter in a Ron Burgundy moment during remarks about a new abortion executive order.

White House Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons tweeted that he had said “let me repeat the line” — which he clearly did not say. After she had said this, however, the White House transcript was released and indicated (falsely), that he had said it.

Jill Biden was embarrassed by her taco remarks and it was the second time she had to be cleaned up.

Jill Biden clearly said “bogidas.” But the White House transcript said “bodegas” without any indication that she didn’t say that.

This needs to be called out — it can’t go on; this is the third time they’ve falsified the official record. They must correct the statements for the record. However, they should also be called out for their blatant lies when all the facts in every case are clear.

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