White House Brazenly Lies After Government-Funded Crack Pipe Story Is Confirmed – Opinion

Occam’s razor may not be undefeated, but it’s got a pretty good record, and another win was chalked up on Thursday regarding a story about government-funded crack pipes.

RedState previously covered the story (see here, and here) that involved whether the White House was going to use taxpayer funds to provide crack pipes in so-called “safe smoking kits.” The Washington Free Beacon, which broke the story, received strong pushback, not just from the Biden administration, but also from supposed “fact-checkers” that rushed to claim their report was false.

It’s a wonderful thing to see redemption, but the Beacon was rewarded. They went to five different sites that are eligible under the White House’s new grant program, which starts next month. All the “safe smoking kits” at the sites included crack pipes.

It is also true that the taxpayer will pay for crack pipes to addicts. No doubt, a few people will still try to argue that the sky isn’t blue, but there is nothing in the grant program that will exclude what appears to be the vast majority of sites that include pipes in their kits. Unless the White House now comes out with a direct prohibition, not just from a podium but within the grant program, something they haven’t done, it’s going to happen. These are facts and the Beacon has done the research to support them.

What’s so silly about this story is that this was even an argument. Common sense would tell you that it would be essentially pointless to hand out “safe smoking kits” while not providing a means to smoke. That’s why EverywhereThe Beacon was able to visit the site. Kits are intended to provide sanitation. The pipe is the most important part. It was easy for fact-checkers, who had absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support the kits’ existence, to run out and throw away the Beacon. wouldn’tIt was mind-numbing to see the pipes.

Jen Psaki spoke for Joe Biden when asked about the subject on Thursday. She lied again, claiming that the story is still a “conspiracy theory.”

It’s jarring how easily they tell falsehoods. Psaki will fit perfectly in MSNBC. But while she continues to brush the story off as a “conspiracy theory,” notice what she doesn’t say: That the White House will prohibit any funds from going to organizations that provide crack pipes.

In the end, this isn’t that big of a deal. Are I against giving crack pipes away to addicts No, I don’t really buy that doing so somehow qualifies as “harm reduction.” But there are certainly bigger things to worry about. The real story was the vicious attack on the Beacon for questioning the White House by not only the administration but also the mass media.

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