What Young Professionals Should Look for When Landing a New Career

Professionals that are looking to consider a new career and are primarily in their 20s and 30s should evaluate many things to better their chances that the career they choose suits them and their needs. To narrow down the overwhelming considerations professionals need to ask themselves, this article will highlight the top three things young professionals should consider when starting a new career. 

The first consideration for young professionals is the organization’s size. If the company is a small startup, then the work pace will likely be faster than usual with a greater risk that the company will fail. That risk though comes with a more significant upside potential of moving high up in the company since there are fewer employees to compete with.

Another factor is the kind of organization the business operates as. For example; if an employee has a deeper purpose and wants to pursue their work outside of their traditional work hours, a nonprofit would be an ideal organization so that they can have flexible hours which will allow them to serve after work. Regardless of the kind of organization, each one will mold the company in a certain way regarding culture, hours, and company goals.
Lastly, Young professionals should consider the kind of training they might receive, if offered any. Training that consists of small increments of fun, interactive, and social activities (micro-learning) has been statistically proven to increase employees’ output in the workplace. Nearly 80% of employees that undergo microlearning have proven their focus and retention rate which has positively increased their profession. Even though ongoing learning may turn some people away, young professionals that choose to work for an organization that invests in microlearning are highly likely to experience a significant improvement in the new career path that they choose.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
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