What You Should Do When You’re Suspected of a DUI

When you head out for the evening, you may choose to enjoy a casual drink (or two) with friends. It’s a social occasion, and you may not think much about it. However, alcohol impacts people differently, so even a small amount for some may impair driving ability.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that alcohol absorbs into the body differently from other foods and beverages, directly entering the small intestine and stomach lining. As a result, it impacts people quickly, moving immediately through the bloodstream to the liver. The result is a loss of judgment and coordination, making driving dangerous. If you’re operating a vehicle under this condition, you could be pulled over for a DUI. It’s essential to know the laws and how to handle the situation.

Know the Law

Before you get behind the wheel after a drink, think about the DUI laws in your state. According to the NHTSA, most U.S. states have a blood alcohol limit of .08 grams. Utah differs with a lower level of .05 grams. Alcohol levels are impacted by many factors, including weight, medicines, metabolism, type of drink, gender, how quickly you drink and altitude. Each time you enjoy a few, the experience, therefore, varies. You could face jail time, license suspension, and fines if pulled over. Think carefully, and have a plan to get home safely.  

Respect the Arresting Authorities

DUIs are serious, so keep in mind that police are responsible for maintaining safe roadways. If they pull you over, they are doing their job, so respect that they want to keep the streets safe. In addition, angering them isn’t going to help your situation. Your best bet is to remain polite and follow their lead. Talk to them politely and don’t upset them. Find your license and registration without hassle.

Do Not Give Out Information on the Scene

While you should honor the officers, you do not have to get out of the vehicle to perform a field sobriety test, nor do you need to share with them the details of your night. Don’t divulge personal information about whether you had a drink at dinner or went to a friend’s party. Save those discussions for when the council is present.

Suppose they want you to walk a line, decline, and ask to go to the station instead. You can wait for a lawyer and give your system time to absorb the alcohol. Expect to give blood at some point. It’s hard to refuse this one since there is typically a court order.

Talk With a DUI Lawyer About Your Options

If the blood test shows that you are over the limit, hire a lawyer specializing in the DUI field. This expert can discuss various options with you. You could go to court and fight the charge or plead guilty and accept punishment. Some court systems work with you to have a reduced sentence, suspending your license or requesting you look for DUI services in Lexington that offer online classes.

Enjoy your time with friends and understand the risks of driving after. If officers pull you over, remain polite and know the law. Deny a field test and ask for a lawyer. 

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