What You Need To Know About Being In Your First Major Hurricane

Enduring a hurricane is a reality for people in the eastern part of the United States. Various storms have ended up in New Jersey and New York while a large portion hit Florida in some capacity. Storms can be quite intense and lead to days without power or clean water to cook or bathe with. The last thing you want is to be unprepared for these extreme scenarios. The unpredictability of hurricanes is well-documented which is why there are so many models for hurricane paths. Below will highlight some areas you should be informed about before encountering your first major hurricane. 

Don’t Ignore Evacuation Orders

There seem to be people that want to ride out the storm despite what public officials dictate. The officials make decisions in order to keep citizens safe along with emergency rescue personnel safe. You might not have to worry about the winds but storm surges lead to massive floods in areas that might have never had an issue with flooding. Staying out of areas until the clear is given is also important as downed power lines can lead to injury or potentially fatal consequences. 

Handle Insurance Claims Immediately 

A wind damage insurance claim can be so important to file as soon as possible. You want an adjuster to come out as there will likely be a number of claims in your area. Insurance companies are notorious for delaying payments for people to have their homes repaired. There have even been class action lawsuits filed against these corporations due to the timeliness of their payments. Other insurance companies are guilty of dropping customers just days before a major storm with no chance of finding replacement insurance. 

Preparation Is Key 

Getting ready for a hurricane can come with a number of issues. Gas stations run out of gas due to the sheer volume of people trying to top their tanks off. Generators run on fuel which can keep a home running even if the power goes out. You want to have food that is not going to spoil in the fridge in case of a power outage. Refrain from opening the fridge in these cases as you do not want the coolness to drop immensely. Getting water can be easy if you store a few cases in case of a hurricane which is inevitable in some places in the country. 

Experience Will Calm Yousheerr Nerves After Your First Storm 

Storms will start to become quite boring to a point as all news stations will claim that the storm of the century is coming. This is for ratings as well as to stress the importance of getting ready. You will be far calmer during subsequent storms after you have endured your first hurricane. Take the time to list out the various tasks you’ll need to handle as this can make prep far easier. 

Hurricane prep might seem overzealous but it is your safety that should take priority. You do not want to be wishing that you were prepared when you had the opportunity to do so. 

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