What to Look for in New Sheets

Last year, people around the world spent over $87 billion on new bedding. An investment in sleep is an investment in good health. That said, there are a lot of options in the sheet market. How do shoppers know they’re getting a good deal?

Have no fear. Below is a guide for how to buy the best sheets in every situation. 

The first step is deciding if new sheets are necessary. Is the current set yellowing or fraying? Do the sheets still smell after being washed? Are they simply not providing the same quality of sleep as they used to? If any of these conditions are met, then it’s time for new sheets. 

Sheets come in all types of fabric. Cotton is a longtime favorite for its affordability, durability, and comfort in all seasons. Other options like silk, polyester, or linen have some of these traits, but not all. If a buyer does choose cotton, they also need to consider quality. Thread count is a common quality measure, but not the only one. Weave, staple length, and ply also influence quality. 

Another consideration is color. Whites are the easiest to clean. Dark colors hide stains best. Individual preferences rule here.

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding
Source: PizunaLinens.com

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