What to Do If You Break Your iPhone Screen

What to Do If You Break Your iPhone Screen

The smartphones we have come to love and rely on are pretty fragile and susceptible to accidents such as sudden drops. Without a moment’s notice, you might lose control of your iPhone and find it on the floor. You could get lucky and find the screen intact, but it doesn’t happen all the time. Your iPhone’s screen can break due to several reasons, including sitting on it, dropping, or your kid throws it mid-tantrum. Depending on the screen’s condition, figuring out how to handle the situation can be tricky. This article will help make the situation less stressful by offering different solutions for a broken iPhone’s screen.

Assess the damage

Before making any decisions, it is best to determine the screen’s damage to develop the appropriate solution. It could be a single crack, a few cracks, or the screen might be completely shattered, and all you can see are multi-colored pixels.

If it is minor damage, consider visiting the nearest Apple Store to see if they can help. However, remember that Apple does not cover physical damages, and a service fee is attached even with an AppleCare+. An Apple Genius will easily spot the impact points, so you will not easily get away with a broken screen.

Consider the Repair Options

If you choose to repair the screen, you will have numerous repair options for iPhones.

AppleRepairing a broken screen with AppleCare+ will cost you $29. If you do not have the cover, it will cost you a minimum of $129, with charges going up to $279. The costs go up if the damage extends to other phone areas like bending the frame or forming dents. With AppleCare, it will likely cost you $99 and as high as $549 without it.

Local Repair Shops

Due to Apple’s popularity, more repair shops have been opened to cater to the service’s growing demand. The local repair shop for iPhones may be closest to you, but this option presents some challenges. It isn’t easy to ascertain the experience and expertise of the person repairing your iPhone, and the authenticity of the replacement screen.

Apple may also decline to do future repairs if they notice that your iPhone was repaired using a third-party screen before. In that case, you will likely need to get a new phone. However, if you believe a local repair shop is the best option to repair your iPhone’s screen, ensure that you research extensively and check local reviews for different stores before making a choice.

Replace it Yourself

If you are tech-savvy or have a friend who is, you can fix your iPhone’s broken screen at home. However, before going with this option, remember the iPhone repair process is quite delicate, and the chances of making a mistake are high. You should check the replacement screen cost because you may incur avoidable expenses if you make a mess. This option can also void your warranty, so ensure you check your iPhone’s warranty situation.

Get a New Phone

Getting a new iPhone can be more cost-effective than a screen replacement, then get an upgrade a few months later. If you were planning for an upgrade, it might be wiser to do it now. Although an unlocked version costs more, it will save you money eventually.

Sell it

The money you get from selling your broken iPhone can fund getting a new one. You can sell it at Gizmogul, eBay, Glyde, and Gazelle. Some sites also give credit for getting a used phone when you trade your broken one.

If you keep using your iPhone with the screen broken, it will only get worse. A broken screen is unappealing aesthetically and affects the phone’s well-being and productivity.

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