What the Howl? Seattle Man Transitioned to a Woman and Also a Wolf – Opinion

Pacific Northwest native born as a male is enjoying a happy life as a female Wolf.

Naia Okami recently appeared on Britain’s This MorningTrans-speciesism was made available to viewers so they could get their teeth into it.

The biologically male Seattleite started to identify as a woman at some time before.

The lady also decided that she was a four-legged dog from Eurasia or North America.

Speaking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes, Naia — who in no way was a member of the Ramones — dropped science:

“[I] am a British Columbia wolf therianthrope … A therian is somebody who believes that they are a non-human animal on a personal, integral level.”

The twenty-seven-year-old’s living the dream:

“[I]Dream shifting was a way for t to get started at age 10. … [T]hat’s when I had a dream of myself as a British Columbia wolf. … And in some of these dreams, I was, you know, acting as a wolf. It just happened. It started out as an anime fan. Wolf’s Rain. I’m just like, ‘Oh my…somehow, this wolf is me.’”

If you’re unfamiliar with the Japanese series, Anime News Network called Wolf’s Rain “absorbing.” They had no idea how right they were. Here’s a sample of Ms. Okami’s inspiration:

Total absorption

“It was kind of this automatic association. … [I]This led to me looking at actual wolves, the real-life ones. … [T]he more and more I looked at, the more and more I began to identify in that way.”

And if you doubt Naia’s become a wild doglike carnivore found in the westernmost of Canada’s ten provinces, just watch the wolfwoman in action.

In footage broadcast by iWonder TV, Naia even appears to be wearing a bra — just like a real wolf:

But don’t get the mammal with two rows of nipples wrong — there’s no delusion:

“I don’t physically believe that I’m a wolf. It’s more of, like, a spiritual and psychological identification… Like, I go to work every day. … But at the same token, spiritually, somehow I’m a wolf.”

Yes, indeed. And the beast is hungry like the wolf — for sex traffickers:

“[I]A lot of my activities can be compared to being a Wolf. … [I]Investigate child predators and trafficking. And I always make the joke that, you know, as a wolf, I’m hunting my prey. The predators, in this case, are my prey, which is kind of ironic.”

To what extent does Naia display her tail day to day? Among her pack, she’s not one to put it between her legs:

“[W]hen…I’m in private or I’m with my friends, I will ‘wolf out’ in the woods. [The iWonder footage is]It’s a fantastic example. That was the advice of a good friend. … I’m transgender as well. You’ll notice I’m a lot earlier in my transition there, but that’s kind of the environment I get to act in there.”

Naia didn’t make clear Just She is quite the mongrel. It may be interesting, because wolves can raid chicken houses and stuff in the woods.

A thorough screening process was used to decide her British Columbia breeding.

“Um, that’s just the type of wolf I am. So when I was examining, sort of, how I looked as a wolf, so to speak, from the different dreams I was having, that’s just sort of what fit my dream and my image mostly. So it’s a lot of meditation, a lot of research, a lot of trying to figure out where you fit into it. It’s not super…simple being a therian.”

Meditation is a monumental task. As Billy Joel once asserted, it’s all about soul:

“I think a lot of people have this misconception that I think I’m literally a wolf. … This is just sort of a way that I spiritually express myself. … [A] lot of it is…based on, you know, mental shifting.”

Naia noted she was “more shamelessly expressive” in high school. Hence, she would “vocalize” and “howl and stuff.”

As with all furry quadrupeds generally, however, things changed.

“[N]owadays, it’s a little different. My nickname is the Wolf Girl. I’ve been on a few different programs here. Because of that I am able to be more transparent in the public eye. Because people are like, ‘Oh my…it’s the Wolf Girl. Please howl.’”

She will surely enjoy the attention.

“But obviously,” the coastal animal added, “if I’m at work or…in the grocery store or what have you, I’m not gonna bark at my cashier…”

That’s nice.

Phillip requested a howl, but the wolf’s roommates were asleep.

Naia gave a coy cry.

“Absolutely fascinating,” Phillip returned.

Yes. Fascinating.



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