What is TheFlix?

The Internet is a modern technology, which allows all people to easily find any useful information, listen to music and watch movies they want. It is not surprising for anyone that Cheep Netflix is the most popular online cinema now, where you can find any movie novelties. However, not all users are happy with this service and keep looking for something new. Some are not satisfied with the price, others don’t like the range of films or the quality of the picture. In the end, people spend a lot of time trying to find an online movie site that is ideal for all requirements. Finally, the developers have managed to come up with a cool analogue that will definitely suit the most demanding viewer. This online cinema is called TheFlix. Let’s talk about it in more detail to appreciate all of its benefits.

About service

TheFlix service allows you to watch movies online absolutely free or for a small fee. In addition, this resource gives you the opportunity to earn bitcoins. You can get a whole day of uninterrupted streaming for free if you register your account in the near future. 

By registering on the site, you can get a percentage of each friend you refer. The more friends you bring, the more you earn. All you have to do is share your code link with your friend. 


Online series like any other resource has its own price. Depending on the package you choose, you will pay a certain amount each month. The most affordable option is only $1.99 per month. If you want more features, then you have to pay $10 for the whole 30 days. Analog Netflix is a great way to have fun and make money. 


As mentioned above, TheFlix combines not only having fun in front of the screen, but also making good money. You can invite your friends to watch TV shows online and movies, or you can just make good money. Registration only takes a few minutes and after that, all you have to do is send an invitation link. 

With a user-friendly interface, you can watch any TV show from 2012. There are movies of the following genres available in the catalog:

  • action and adventure;
  • crime;
  • comedy;
  • animation;
  • documentary;
  • news;
  • drama;
  • science fiction and more. 

TheFlix is a completely new site that will surprise any movie fan. It is possible to find new releases of the most awaited movies here. Good quality and great sound, a subscription for a whole month for not much money, isn’t that what you wanted? Why waste time going to the cinema, when you can arrange it right at home. It’s an awesome project, the analog to Netflix that is really cool. Go to the site, dive into the world of fiction and entertainment. Now you will always find something to do after a hard-working day. TheFlix will give a sea of emotions not only for adults, but also for children. 

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