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It’s a cry we hear time and again: Why does anyone need a black, spookily-shaped, mysterious “weapon of war” — which has never been used by the U.S. military?

Contrary to popular belief, the AR-15 modern version is a basic weapon. Take Daniel Boone’s “Old Tick Licker,” fast-forward 270 years, and you get something lighter, more comfortable, more accurate, and more easily accessorized among other improvements.

But why should you — or Daniel’s great (times six) grandchildren — own one? Via a recent video, gun guru Colion Noir fights a burning question with a well’s worth of water.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the Houston-based activist and attorney has hosted NRATV and spoken at the National Rifle Association’s convention. His pro-2A YouTube channel boasts over two million subscribers, and he’s been the featured guest on Bill Maher: Real TimeAlso available: Joe Rogan Experience 

As for why anyone needs the experience of owning an AR, Colion offers a handful of reasons — one for each finger.

But first, he makes clear, “The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights and not the Bill of Needs. … [T]here isn’t a ‘need’ requirement for which gun you can use under the Second Amendment.”

Now on to the list…

Reason #1

An AR-15 is required to protect you against burglaries involving multiple suspects.

Colion asks the lying liars for their support:

“If you knew that four guys with guns were going to break into your home or business and try to brutally murder you and your family, which gun would you pick to defend yourself — a handgun or an AR-15? If you said the handgun, you’re a liar. I have made it clear that you meant the AR-15. The AR-15 is the best gun to use against multiple armed intruders who are trying to kill you.”

“During a home invasion with multiple suspects,” he notes, “you’re already at a huge disadvantage. … You only get seconds to react to people trying to kill you. But these scumbags get days or even weeks to plan ahead of time.”

Life is full of compromises, but some aren’t requisite:

“Handguns are a compromise. Yes, they’re easy to carry, but they’re largely underpowered and much harder to shoot accurately compared to AR-15s. While shotguns are powerful enough to stop most people, they lack sufficient capacity. It’s fine to let the criminals who want to murder you flee once you begin shooting. But if they stay and fight, you’re screwed. That’s where the AR-15 comes in. AR-15s can be shot more accurately and have greater recoil. The AR-15 is much easier than shotguns to silence, and you can also protect your ears. These factors instantly put you in a position of equal standing with criminals trying to kill your life. Short story: Criminals get all of the benefits people love to claim an AR-15 brings. [it also gives] to law-abiding citizens.”

“Honestly,” he surmises, “I could end the video right there. But let’s keep going.”

2. Reason 2:

To protect yourself from civil unrest, you will need an AR-15

“[W]hen this happens, you can’t rely on the police because they’re too busy trying to deal with the chaos. … In mobs, people do things they normally wouldn’t do. … [T]rust me…at any point, you can be on the wrong side of the mob. And if that (violent) mob decides to come your direction, you’re going to need an AR-15… … Handguns don’t intimidate a mob, and shotguns [are] a lot harder to shoot consistently because of the recoil…”

3rd Reason:

To protect yourself in a SHTF or national disaster, you will need an AR-15

“Natural disasters can happen at any moment and happen way more frequently than civil unrest and have a tendency to last longer. After a natural disaster…you’re on your own. If it’s a bad enough or long enough situation, you’ll likely be living in a lawless environment. This is a great opportunity for criminals to make easy victims. .. Can you image how dangerous it’ll be at night, with no power in pitch-black darkness and no police to help you, and there are criminals rampaging through the city looking to take what little you have, but you have to go out and find a loved one or get emergency supplies? You want the best thing possible to protect yourself in that environment…because the police can’t help you.”

Fourth Reason:

You need an AR-15 because everyone else has them — including criminals.

“There are, at bare minimum, two million ARs in this country. While you may not possess an AR, others do. So ask yourself — do you really want to be the only person without an AR-15, when you’re surrounded by police and criminals [armed with them]?”

Colion points to what seems to be an omission for gun control supporters:

“Criminals, by definition, don’t follow laws. And as a result, criminals have all the guns they’re not supposed to have — like the AR-15.”

It’s hard to argue with his logic:

“Why would you want the fight for your life to be an uneven match? The criminal wants to use me against me, or worse. AR-15s are required for criminals who have AR-15s to use against them. [to]Fight back. This is not rocket science.”

Reason #5

You need an AR-15 because you don’t trust the government.

And you’re not alone:

“A study from the Pew Research Center found that only two in ten Americans said they trust the government in Washington to do what is right, ‘just about always’ two percent of the time, or ‘most of the time’ nineteen percent of the time. … The study also found that only 29 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they trust the government just about always or most of the time — which is odd considering that people who ask, ‘Why do you need an AR-15?’ are typically if not always Democrat or Democratic-leaning independents. If the vast majority of Americans don’t trust the government, why would you leave yourself defenseless to the same government you don’t trust?”

Colion connects America’s beginnings with a contemporary right to bear arms:

“The founding fathers used their own rifles to win the Revolutionary War against a tyrannical government. They then wrote the Second Amendment to protect the…right to keep and bear arms so that…people of the future could use their own rifles — like they just did — to either be a deterrent…or to fight back against a tyrannical government — foreign or domestic. The most effective tool to do this right now…is the AR-15.”

For those who doubt the government could turn against them, Colion concludes with a quote from former U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kosinski about Americans’ access to ARs in the face of federal tyranny:

“However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.”

While the man is making solid arguments, will opposition members ever be able to hear them? In either case, the majority of Americans will have to learn about AR-15s. Might politicians and media members finally admit it’s not a machine gun? It’s less than guaranteed:



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