WH Tries to Convince Americans They Didn’t Hear What Joe Biden Said During Abortion Remarks – Opinion

As we previously reported, among his incoherent abortion remarks on Friday, Joe Biden had an actual “Ron Burgundy” moment — seemingly reading instructions off the teleprompter without realizing he wasn’t supposed to be doing it.

Biden stated, “It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who registered to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so. End of quote.”

He then read the next directions out loud, “Repeat the line.” Then he reread the same line and appeared to not even understand what he did.

The best thing was the response of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

This got many comments via social media with Elon Musk even weighing in.

But White House Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons insists we weren’t seeing and hearing what we did. According to her, Joe Biden said, “Let me repeat the line” (even though he didn’t).

We can hear what he says, there’s video, yet she’s still trying to sell this to us. Think about it. If they attempt to sell you something that is totally disprovable and lies to the truth, what are their chances of lying to you? If they’ll lie about something so obvious, what else will they lie about? Simons received the highest response rate from anyone. Does she want us to put Xavier Becerra under oath to explain why he’s almost losing it, he was trying so hard not to laugh, if Biden didn’t mess up right there?

It wasn’t just Simons–they even added “let me” in the official White House transcript as well.

But they can’t sell us this tale when we not only have the evidence of our ears, we’ve seen all kinds of issues like this before from Joe Biden. We’ve seen the explicit instructions that they have to give him just to be able to operate for a few minutes in a brief meeting. We’ve seen this kind of a “Ron Burgundy” moment before as well.

But as long as people had Simons’ attention, they had a question for her. One of them asked her why she sold oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Hunter Biden’s Chinese-connected company.

Simons didn’t respond to the question.

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