WH Spins One Heck of a Tale When They Get Nailed Over Baby Formula Shortage – Opinion

Are the White House lies about the response to the shortage of baby formula?

As Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary claims Joe Biden worked on an issue she attributes to the Abbott Company recall. She says that they’ve been working on the problem for months.

It’s funny. If they’ve been working on it for months, why hasn’t Biden hasn’t made any public comment on the effort?

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said it was a “top priority” on Wednesday. Jean-Pierre could not answer questions about who the White House point person was on this issue when Jean Pierre was asked. There was one priority. They hadn’t even said anything about it until the last couple of days.

If Biden isn’t lying and he has been working on it for months, with all this failure as a result, in some ways that’s even worse. That doesn’t say a lot for his ability to do anything about it.

Psaki, however, refused to comment on whether Biden had done more.

Psaki did not respond to a question about when Biden was first involved in the matter.

I’m betting he only just found out.

Psaki did not know the length of it.

Despite having no idea, Psaki wants to assure you how successful they’ve been, as people across the country know otherwise. It takes a lot of gaslighting in order to convince desperate parents.

Successful? We reported that we were successful in getting the formula to be shipped to illegal aliens. The Americans have not had much luck with the problem.

But if you’re truly desperate, Psaki can tell you what to do: “call a doctor.”

Oh, thanks, Jen. This is where they’re leaving so many parents. Parents are angry at this. Chalk up another “L” for the Biden team. They just had to pay attention and take action. They should act like they actually care, and not just laugh at people. Although the formula recall was resolved in February of this year, the plant remains closed. So, that’s on Biden. Plus, there were issues before the recall with the supply chain since last year–and again, that’s on Biden.

After much outcry Biden set up an appointment on Thursday with representatives of baby formula companies. But then he shut out the press, so reporters can’t report on what was being said and the public wouldn’t know. This again shows that he doesn’t give priority to the parents who need answers so they can help their baby.

Biden finally answered the question today.

Meanwhile, where is Biden’s focus? Focusing on screaming, “MAGA, MAGA,” and calling President Donald Trump “The Great MAGA King .” I’m just thinking that’s not what he was hired by voters to do.

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