WH Response to Why Biden’s Schedule Has Been Empty for Two Days Is Pretty Pathetic – Opinion

We’ve seen that Joe Biden has to run off to Delaware every weekend to get recharged from his heavy schedule of nap time and calling early lids. Even the NY Times reported on how the White House is having to adjust for Joe Biden’s issues, dealing with his age and incoherence.

But whatever his staff does, it doesn’t prevent the constant gaffes and incoherence every time they let him loose for any event.

Sometimes the media asks good questions and presses. They did that on Tuesday, asking why wasn’t there anything on Joe Biden’s public schedule for the past two days. You could see and feel the rush from John Kirby (National Security Council coordinator for Strategic Communications), to Karine Jean-Pierre (White House Press secretary), to attempt to cover Biden.

Kirby claimed that just because there weren’t things listed on the public schedule didn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of work going on. Jean-Pierre then took the blame and he explained everything to Kirby. That didn’t go any better.

“What, exactly, has he been doing yesterday and today?” a reporter asked.

“So, he’s been in meetings,” Jean-Pierre claimed, blinking furiously and not looking directly at the reporters. “I was scheduled to meet with him today,” she said, saying he was meeting with senior staff. He may also have been seen briefly by Jill Biden or the First Lady from Ukraine, she said. “He’s been very busy dealing with the issues of the American people and meeting with his staff, senior staff,” she argued.

Notice she didn’t say that she met with him, just that she was “scheduled” to meet with him. It’s a very interesting way to phrase it. Notice she can’t even say “meetings” about what, which might add more believability to her assertion.

For “dealing with the issues of the American people,” he’s not doing much. Is he really doing anything? He is very talkative. He is a liar and threatens others. What has he done to make any situation better? According to my knowledge, nothing. He’s only made things worse, virtually across every issue.

But at this point, given all the lies they’ve told us, how would we even know what was happening because we can’t count on them telling us the truth. They lie to us about the events and don’t care what we think. Most of the media isn’t calling them out for it.

As his problems continue to worsen, it becomes even more concerning that he doesn’t have anything on the public agenda. I could believe he’s in meetings. Meetings with the inside of his eyelids, dreaming about “choka choka chip.” What will they do when they can’t even cover any more?

It’s not good when reporters start to ask: what is Joe Biden doing?

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