WH Response Is Beyond Pathetic After Chinese Threaten to Shoot Pelosi out of the Sky – Opinion

I previously reported on Chinese threats to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Speaker, regarding her possible trip to Taiwan in the course of her Asian visit. Joe Biden spoke for more than two hours with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “Those who play with fire will only get burnt,” Xi said during the call about the possible visit by Pelosi to Taiwan. Before she arrived with COVID, she was due to go there in June.

Then the Chinese claimed that the Biden team had lied about what was discussed during the call and issued another warning against Pelosi, saying they would take “resolute countermeasures” if she went, and that the U.S. would be responsible for whatever happened.

But if that wasn’t enough, then one of their chief propagandists on Twitter even threatened to shoot Pelosi’s plane out of the sky.

That kind of threat against the Speaker of the House of the United States can’t be tolerated. While I might not be a fan of Pelosi’s, you shouldn’t even attempt to make such a threat against the Speaker of the House. We should squash you with all our power. It’s a simple way to bring Americans together. Americans on both sides of the social media aisle came out to call China out for tweeting this.

As of now, Twitter hasn’t whacked the tweet. President Donald Trump can’t tweet, but apparently, a CCP propagandist can threaten the Speaker of the House, and that’s just ducky.

What is the Biden administration doing to address such a threat against Speaker? It necessitates a strong response that brooks no confusion that they would suffer dire consequences–and that even making the threat should have consequences.

Fox’s Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and her response was just pathetic.

She said that she couldn’t speak to Pelosi’s schedule, “We’re just not going to speak on her schedule.” She called it a “hypothetical.” “I’m not going to speak to a hypothetical,” KJP declared.

Is that you? Maybe Pelosi’s trip isn’t determined yet, but the threat isn’t hypothetical. The threat is what’s being asked about. China has threatened the Speaker of this House and you have refused to respond. Biden’s first responsibility is supposed to be the defense of the nation, and when we are being threatened via our Speaker, he’s supposed to respond. Even random people on Twitter know the proper response, but KJP and Biden can’t get it together to even defend our interests? We’re not even talking about a 3:00 a.m. call; they can’t even respond appropriately in the middle of the day, when presumably he’s awake.

Donald Trump, had he been in office today, he’d have already shot back at them verbally.

This is very bad. This is a weakness on a level that’s hard to believe, and the Chinese will take note. That’s not a good thing, particularly for Taiwan. This was evident in Biden’s display of weakness just before Ukraine invaded.

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