WH Makes Despicable Statement About Protests at Homes of SCOTUS Justices – Opinion

The Democrats had a terrible response to the draft opinion leak by SCOTUS.

First of all, there was an indication that the White House could have learned about the leak earlier than expected. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as well as Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, refused to condemn this leak. They also didn’t initially condemn violence and/or attempts to intimidate the justices. Then they condemned the violence, but still didn’t say people shouldn’t go to the homes of the justices. Indeed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) specifically called for the public to come out, so that they could “improve the decision” — a clear call to try to influence the justices.

But on Tuesday, Psaki made some of the most despicable remarks that she’s ever said — and I say that as someone constantly reporting on what she’s saying. Listen as she rails against the right for complaining about the protests trying to intimidate/influence/threaten the justices.

Psaki claims that “voices on the right” were silent over protests outside of the homes of school board members, the Michigan Secretary of State, outside abortion clinics, or on Jan. 6. It is a lie, and it’s a form of whataboutism. Even if it were true and the Republicans were the most horrible people ever, that wouldn’t make this effort to intimidate the justices to change their minds right. It’s against the law, and an effort to obstruct justice that could potentially be charged under 18 U.S.C. Section 1507.

But what’s despicable is that she is so locked into the left’s battle against the right, that she doesn’t care about the safety of the justices of the SCOTUS. She doesn’t even understand that it’s the White House’s duty — as the executive branch — to defend the Constitution, and the part of the government that is being intimidated and undermined. She thinks there was a duty on Jan. 6, but she doesn’t think there’s any duty at all now, regarding the Supreme Court. She’s willing to throw them under the bus.

Psaki claimed the protests have been peaceful to date, despite the threats against the judges — including burning their possessions — not to mention the firebombing of the office of a pro-life group.

The protests continued against the justices and she encouraged people to break the law.

Does she think protesters need to also take action against liberal justices, then? She would melt down, we know, if she saw people standing in front of their houses. Anyone should be held responsible. But the Biden Administration refuses even to do the simplest thing — to call this wrong. The DOJ is also missing in action because the Biden team is missing in general — it’s all stemming from the top.

But maybe this explains why Psaki thinks she doesn’t have any duty at all to defend the government. She seemed to think they are in “control” of all the government.

But they are not in control of the judicial branch, and that’s why they won’t come to its defense, contrary to their oaths to defend the Constitution. That’s pathetic and disgusting.

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