WH Loses It on Reporters, Video of Biden Cuts out When They Ask Him How He Is – Opinion

As we noted earlier, we’re not hearing from Joe Biden’s doctor personally during the White House briefings. We’re getting translations of what he’s saying or written statements from the doctor. This prevents reporters from asking the doctor any questions about Biden. Meanwhile, we’re being told embarrassing things that make it sounds like we have a toddler in the office — including that Biden “cleaned his plate” and ate all his dinner.

I wanted to share this additional video from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who insisted to the reporters that they have heard “directly” from the doctor because they got a letter from him, while the reporters insisted that’s not hearing directly from him.

Even the reporters weren’t buying this one. Jean-Pierre stated that there wasn’t any reason to ask the reporter about the doctor.

It is hard to understand why the doctors are trying to stop the reporter from speaking with the doctor. The White House’s normally inquisitive correspondents seem even more annoyed by their behavior. Is this what the Biden team is trying to conceal?

Joe Biden with COVID should do all that he can for rest and recovery. Instead, his team is trying to convince us that everything is normal; they said he’s working an eight-hour day. Heck, I don’t think he worked an eight-hour day when he was well.

But he should be taking it easy and not working when he’s sick; he’s 79 years old. But they had him sitting up in a suit for a remote meeting and quite frankly, to me — who has been covering him for a while and is used to how he normally looks — he looked awful.

He looks like he’s not well, and out of it, not absorbing anything that’s being said; his eyes just have sort of a vacant look. He coughed as he went through the meeting, and he took a puff during the video clip. His voice was much deeper. Although he was feeling a little cold, his doctor said his oxygen saturation and respiration were normal.

We’ve talked about people thinking it was elder abuse, putting him in this position with the various issues he has. Add to that now, he is being made to look like he’s still involved and on top of things — it just looks cruel and frankly, not good for his health. Show him in bed, if necessary. That’s what he should be doing at his age if he has COVID–not being in meetings.

Reporters tried to question how he was during that meeting and wouldn’t you know it, the video went out. Amazing how things work out. Biden gave a thumbs-up before that.

Yet again they cut off the video and ushered the media out. They don’t think it could get any worse.

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