WH Has Shameful Response to Leftists Targeting Churches and Homes of Justices – Opinion

Although the White House did not condemn the leaked draft opinion of the SCOTUS, it was seen as an attack on Court integrity and an intimidation tactic. They wouldn’t even say if they would accept the decision of the Court when it ultimately came down.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, was offered another opportunity on Thursday to make that happen, but she refused it again for Joe Biden.

A reporter asked why they refused and Psaki got huffy, saying that the leak was a “distraction” that wasn’t at the same level as the SCOTUS non-decision. In order to increase their chances of getting elected in November, the Left will be whipsawed into a frenzy by them.

It doesn’t take much at all to condemn it. The fact that they don’t means they agree with it, and it’s consistent with the report that the White House knew about the leak ahead of time. If they knew of it or were somehow involved, then of course they’re not going to condemn it. More attacks by the White House on norms

Psaki also was asked about her thoughts on progressive efforts to target justices. Leftist groups have doxxed the home addresses of six of the justices and are targeting the justices’ homes for protests  on May 11.

But these groups have already been targeting them – the group that wrongly uses RBG’s name, “Ruth Sent Us” have videos out–from in front of Justice Barrett’s home–on their Instagram. I’m not linking to it, because I’m not going to spread it. Barrett, however, has very little children. They don’t care about that. There are the radicals, at her home, saying on their TikTok video, “Hey Amy Barrett, impose your People of Praise cult values on America, and we promise you will have no peace.” The radicals have said they intend to “force accountability.”

The radical leftists — who are wrongly misappropriating the name of Ruth Bader Ginsburg for their intimidation efforts — are also targeting churches during services for invasion in the coming week, particularly Catholic and Evangelical churches, starting on Mother’s Day.

Here’s a sample of one invasion they already conducted on a church service.

This is what the Democrats are now encouraging — not only intimidating justices, but invading the sanctity of church services to harass people for their religion.

Psaki also condemned the intimidation of the justices. Biden called Americans who want to Make America Great “extreme,” but people who want to intimidate justices? Psaki claimed that such people were just as great. Psaki embraced targeting the justices, saying it was “peaceful protest,” and peaceful protest “isn’t extreme.”

Um, Jen? Jen?

Doocy tried again, noting that the radicals had posted a map to the justices’ homes. But again, Psaki took the side of the radicals, talking about their “passion,” not the intimidation of the Supreme Court.

She said Biden had no “official position” on it, other than wanting “privacy to be respected.” But the radicals are already not respecting that privacy, and she’s not calling that wrong.

Is it okay for radical protestors to show up at her house? Of course, folks on the right wouldn’t do that and would never encourage that, because they have principles–unlike her. But she’s implicitly endorsing going to officials’ homes now, because it’s about achieving their ends by any means.

Meanwhile, the radicals are organizing their insurrection on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok — and haven’t been shut down, despite the intimidation.

It is shameful Joe Biden and Democrats have accepted this. I didn’t think the Biden team could get more despicable, but they just keep going lower. Republicans must strongly criticize them and remind voters why they are destroying the norms.

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