We’re Still Waiting, Washington Post, for Your Story on Clinton Spying

The Washington Post He has not yet filed a report regarding a shocking allegation made by John Durham, special counsel to Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton’s campaign spy on him during 2016 and his presidency.

Outlets such as The Washington Times The Washington ExaminerThe story was broken over the weekend. But the Post, as of 4:55 PM ET on Monday, doesn’t have a story in print or online. 

Six results were found on WashingtonPost.com in the past week. These include the Durham Police, Canada and Duke University Basketball. There is nothing about the Durham probe. 



By contrast, here’s The Washington TimesReport on Sunday 

A court filing linking the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign and a purported surveillance operation that was aimed to find dirt on Donald Trump, both before or after his win in the Presidential election caused shock among Republicans.

Special counsel John Durham alleged in a court filing Friday that a tech company working with an attorney for the Clinton campaign exploited its access to servers for Mr. Trump’s residence, Trump Tower and the White House to mine data that would establish an “inference” and a “narrative” connecting Mr. Trump to Russia.

Trump has accused Clinton of spying upon him for years. Democrats and mainstream media figures have dismissed that claim as a conspiracy theory, but Republicans said this weekend’s bombshell filing shows the spying was even more extensive than they thought.

Here’s how The Washington ExaminerThis is how the shocking story unfolded on Saturday night 

John Durham, special counsel to the President of the United States says that he’s building a case against the tech executive who was indicted by Hillary Clinton’s payroll. This narrative claims that the Trump-Russia collusion story was being built with the help of a Democratic lawyer.

Left-wing lawyer Michael Sussmann was indicted last year for allegedly concealing his clients, among them Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, from the FBI when he volunteered since-debunked claims of a secret back channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank. Durham revealed in a Friday court filing that he has evidence that Sussmann’s other client (dubbed “Technology Executive-1” but known to be former Neustar Senior Vice President Rodney Joffe) “exploited” domain name system internet traffic at “a particular health care provider” (which was likely Spectrum Health), Trump Tower, Trump’s Central Park West apartment building, and “the Executive Office of the President of the United States.”

It’s not just the Post though. Both Sunday’s and Monday’s networks were also silent regarding the sensational claim that President Trump was being spied on by the Clinton campaign. It is not hard to see how the mainstream media has been corrupted. 

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