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Much discussed — and rightly so — is the Joe Biden-made disaster that is our frozen supply chain.

Multiple Industries are being affected by supply chain shortages

We are a very large geographical country — with 330+ million people contained herein. To get by every day, we need lots of things.

We have created a complex, interconnected web of cars, boats, planes, trains and trucks to serve this vast land mass. The supply chain is this.

This is the marvel of private sector and free market ingenuity. But when we have a President that is opposed to free market, private sector ingenuity – things rapidly grind to a halt.

About which we warned in August 2020….

Biden’s ‘Build Back Never’: His Endless Government Assaults Will Make Building America Impossible

All aspects of the supply chain are under threat.

It requires a lot of petroleum and gasoline. Biden’s government is assaulting every aspect of their extraction, processing and delivery.

The chain requires lots of people working to ensure everything is delivered — The Chain Gang, if you will. Biden’s government is paying people quite generously to do nothing — so why would they look to get paid to do something?

And lots of people who are willing to work -— but not willing to subject themselves to experimental, highly problematic, and ineffectual vaccines for a virus with a 99+% survival rate? Biden’s government is forcing them out of work by the millions.

The chain is being damaged — way up the technology ladder.  A shortage of semiconductor chips is on the rise. Which means government is going to allegedly spend trillions of dollars on infrastructure — but won’t actually be able to upgrade or update a whole lot of the infrastructure.  Or machines that repair and build infrastructure.

Biden’s government is hyper-regulating everyone and everything.

He is eviscerating the value of our money — causing everything to artificially cost more and more, as we make less and less.

He is also looking to increase the taxes paid by companies involved in the supply-chain.

The chain can only take so much government sand — before the gears grind to a halt.  We are here.

But fear not – Biden’s on the case…in his way.  Take a look at this:

‘There Will Be Things You Can’t Get’: White House Gives Dire Holiday Warning Over Supply Chain Bottleneck

By “on the case” ?  We mean he’s saying a problem he’s caused that we’ve had for months — may start to be a problem in a few months.

Hey, Clueless Joe — where have you been?

National Empty Shelves Revisited Due to Supply Chain Problems and Labor Shortage

Supply shortfalls and inflation mean empty shelves.

The Modern Infrastructure Issue: Insufficient Domestic Semiconductor Production

Some of the things of which we are short in this government-induced pinch — we can wait on a bit. It’s awful for the people who design, manufacture, deliver, and sell these things — but the broader population can do without for a little while.

PS5, Xbox Series X Supply Availability Shortages could last until 2023

The Chip Shortage Is Driving Up Tech Prices – Starting With TVs

Of course, a lot of the things of which we are short — are life staples.

How does supply chain impact toilet paper?

And nothing is a bigger life staple — than food.  Uh oh….

Grocery Store Shelves To Be Unusual: Prepare Yourself

“The ongoing global supply chain disruption is becoming a bona fide crisis. Already, strains on the supply chain are prompting many of the nation’s biggest food manufacturers to give a heads up to giant grocery store chains that they are going to have trouble keeping up with demand….

“Basics…are, in all likelihood, going to be hard to come by….”

Outstanding news.

We’ve warned for many years that government’s serial mass-abuse of our farmers and ranchers has created a highly tenuous food supply chain situation.

Too many taxes, too many regulations – and too many terrible trade deals.…

Familie Farms are at Risk from Estate Taxes

‘Fertilizer Taxes’ Will Hurt Farmers and Likely Drive Up Food Prices

Water is being turned into a weapon by the EPA against farmers

A Government Agency Making Farmers’ Lives Miserable – Besides the EPA, We Mean

Importing Government Subsidies: The Worst of Fake ‘Free Trade’

We’ve been teetering on a knife’s edge — for a very long time.  Biden comes along.

Biden and His Democrats REALLY Don’t Like US Farmers

Biden To Eviscerate US Farmers by Cabinet Picks & Their Policies

Biden Attacks Farms

Biden’s Second Death Tax Will Kill Farms

And now our grocery store shelves — are getting empty.

What we need to feed us — is massive rollbacks of Biden’s very many ridiculous policies.  There are many more ridiculous policies in government.

There is a solution to our impending farm collapse: less government

Unfortunately, it isn’t on the Biden Menu.

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