Welp, Now Accidents Are ‘Racist,’ America — and It’s All Your Fault – Opinion

You bet! accidents are “racist.” In this case, deadly fires in America’s cities. As NBC News “race writer” Char Adams sees, “racism in urban planning fuels a high rate of Black fire deaths,” in part caused by apartments set ablaze by electric space heaters due to tenants’ inability to remain warm without them.

“[R]ecent deadly fires in the Bronx, New York, and Philadelphia follow a historical pattern that sees Black people dying in accidents at alarming rates,” writes Adams, adding:

Leaders shift the blame to electric space heaters and overcrowded housing after deadly fires at the Bronx in New York, Philadelphia. ExpertenSay it This is the real perpetratorPoor residential conditions are a major cause of the racism rife in the nation’s Urban planning and infrastructure decision.

In a matter of days, they were both together. At least 17 victims were killed in the Bronx fire, which included several Gambian immigrants. A dozen others died in another Bronx house fire..

However, these fires are fatal. Historical pattern wherein infrastructural and policy decisions have led to Black deaths at an disproportionate rate.

While tragic, the “disproportionality” of which Adams speaks is a Socoeconomic problemBe a good neighbor, not a bad one! race-based issue, here. People on the lower socioeconomic spectrum are more at risk than those who have a higher income. multiple levels. Moreover, I’d argue that six decades of failed Democrat policies have far more to do with “urban planning and infrastructure decisions” than racism.”

We need to look no further than Lyndon B. Johnson’s colossal failure, the so-called “War on Poverty” for answers. As noted by The Heritage Foundation in 2014 — the 50th anniversary of Johnson’s “war” — correctly observed the following:

Self-sufficiency in America improved tremendously for a decade before the War on Poverty. However, self-sufficiency has not improved in the past 45 years. Many groups are less capable of self-support today than when Johnson’s war started.

Partly, it is the welfare system, which penalizes and discourages working, that is to blame. When the War on Poverty was started, only 7 percent of American children were not married. The number today is 41%. Child poverty is mainly caused by the collapse of marriages. The welfare state continues to exist.

In order to ensure self-sufficiency, welfare undermines social norms. This creates an urgent need for more assistance. Obama intends to spend $13 trillion on welfare programs over the next ten years that discourage work and penalize marriage, as well as undermine self-sufficiency.

The band continues to play.

While we’re at it, let’s toss in the disastrous increase in energy costs, directly related to Bidenomics and its evil twin, Bidenflation.

A new Penn-Wharton study shows that American families spent $3,500 less in 2021 in order to purchase similar products to the past. Worse, the lower-income households have been forced to spend more than their wealthier counterparts.

Yet the Biden White House has either ignored or attacked critics for raising concerns about inflation, and tried to claim such inflation is merely “transitory,” although the Federal Reserve is now discouraging use of that term.

Again, Black, brown, white, purple, or green — it is what it is, and that is the disastrous policies of this president have harmed those he professes to most want to help more than any other socioeconomic group in the country. But “racism.” Please.

Here’s Juanita Lewis, an organizer with the New York “social justice” group Community Voices Heard:

We’re looking at how Policies governing land use and zonationThey are applied. These policies were created because housing segregation is a problem.While they were used against people of color,.

We’re still operating under the context of housing segregation and having to prove who is WorthwhileHousing in decent conditions and protection. [“Worthy”? Worthy, here, is an ability to pay.]

Because there wasn’t enough heat, the space heater started the fire. The situation in the Bronx is extremely sad, unfortunate, and disheartening, but it’s not uncommon.

NBC also quoted Jessie Singer, a journalist, and author of “There Are No Accidents,” who took home the prize for the most ridiculous comment in the already-ridiculous article.

Racism can influence almost all American deaths by accidentIt is, for long periods of time.

Looking back to 1900 shows that black people are more likely to die from accidents than the general population. Accidents should not be predictable and unpreventable.

If that were true, accidental deaths would be randomly distributed across the U.S., but it’s not.

As with NBC News, Singer went on to cite the aforementioned deadly fires as “proof” of his racially-charged claim, reiterating that “accidental fires are yet another way Black people are vulnerable to infrastructure failures promoted by [non-existent ]systemic racism.”

Let’s get to the bottom.

All fatalities are horrible, no matter what race or creed of their victims. However, selective outrage needs to be seen for what it really is: blatant exploit with a sole eye on the ballot box.

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