Web 3.0 technologies in Hawex developments

Fintech company Hawex IO provides retail banking services and multifunctional services in the financial technology market so that users can enter the financial technology market with quality products. In particular, Hawex IO solutions meet the needs of users in their own crypto exchange or card product.

Hawex solutions for seamless transactions between digital and fiat currencies 

Instant exchange of digital currencies for fiat and vice versa is one of the most popular services for both businessmen and ordinary users. Such seamless payments greatly simplify the interaction between the buyer and the merchant, since they can conduct transactions directly with each other without using additional services.

Hawex strives to expand its offers to meet current user requests. The Hawex team regularly analyzes the situation in the financial technology market and monitors the needs of users in order to integrate the latest technologies from the Web3.0 world into its developments.

The B2B architecture of Hawex bank is growing rapidly thanks to Hawex’s comprehensive approach to software development. Blockchain technologies, the integration of an open API into development, and the establishment of seamless banking transactions provide an accessible entry point for users who want to start working in the financial technology market with their project.

Among the advantages of Hawex in the market, we can highlight an individual approach to the request of each user when developing solutions for their project. When ordering software, the Hawex development team is not limited to fulfilling a specific request but strives to demonstrate to the user the full potential of digital tools that can be selected for the tasks necessary for the client.

Hawex: the future of Web 3.0 is being created now

Practice reveals a number of significant problems in the traditional financial industry. The lack of transparency in the traditional banking processes is especially critical for the average user. Due to the closed infrastructure, the user has no way to track the transfer of liquidity from one product to another, since the movement of these funds is not displayed. Such processes can speed up the internal work of the bank, but in some cases lead to the loss of funds not only by banks but also by depositors.

To compensate for the shortcomings and weaknesses of the traditional banking system, developments from the world of Web 3.0 are actively used in the financial technology market.

Web 3.0 is the concept of the next stage in the evolution of the Internet, which is already taking shape. Web 3.0 is being developed as a decentralized structure, within which the segments of the World Wide Web are owned by individuals and not almost monopolistic corporations. It is natural that the existing Web 3.0 technologies focus on decentralized finance and blockchain since they are one of the forming and supporting elements of the future global network.

For businesses and ordinary users of the fintech market, the main advantage of integrated Web 3.0 technologies is a transparent infrastructure for conducting financial transactions. Hawex creates a multifunctional digital ecosystem that can be adapted to existing business projects and can also be successfully used to develop a qualitatively new product.

Thus, Hawex can provide the user with a turn-key spot exchange through its SaaS developments. The range of services also includes technical and legal advice at all necessary stages of the development of the user’s project.

Digital currencies are becoming part of everyday life, so Hawex considers its main task to develop a comprehensive ecosystem that will make them available to every user anywhere in the world.

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