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Andrew Breitbart met me at several events early in my career as a politician.  Andrew was kind, courteous and helpful in all of my encounters with him.  He was a fighter left, something that I haven’t witnessed since Rush Limbaugh’s early days.  Andrew had more energy than Rush and was ready to join the fight in any way that was required.  Unafraid, Andrew consistently put his own credibility on the line to end the duplicitous standards of the left, proudly and defiantly stating his battle cry of “WAR!”

As we remember Andrew today, 10 years after his passing,  I look to my now-colleagues in their tributes to the man, feeling as if I have nothing more to add to the discussion.  I mean, how do you post an opinion piece up against the touching tributes of those like Townhallers Larry O’Connor or Kurt Schlichter, people who were lucky enough to count Andrew as a friend?  Andrew was honored by many people, including my friend and VIP Gold Show host Thomas LaDuke.

In the wake of Andrew’s death, so many opined about who was and wasn’t the heir-apparent of Breitbart and the future of the movement he began.  For years, people looked for one to rise in his place, taking Andrew’s mantle and assuming command of this vast conservative army.  Sure enough, when I was ready to get into the Conservative Media hot tub, I sought out the leader who could help me reach the promised land where I would be relevant.

Yet it wasn’t until last year’s CPAC that I began to understand the complexity of Andrew’s legacy.  It was one evening as we sat around the patio table in the warm Florida weather (something we would have never been able to do at National Harbor) that I began to realize the scope of Andrew’s legacy.  To my left sat Larry O’Connor, who has been nothing short of gracious in his willingness to share his talent and resources to help those of us who fight Andrew’s fight every day.  To my right, sat Kurt Schlichter, who sets a near-perfect example of Andrew’s total disregard of liberal judgment when confronted with their garbage and false dichotomous definitions of our message.  Across from me sat my RedState colleagues Jennifer Van Laar and Kira Davis, both of whom have long been students of Andrew’s influence.  Andrew’s legacy is being remembered by everyone at the table.

Andrew was not heir to one individual, so this legacy is one that you and I both can share.  I may not have been Andrew’s right-hand man like some of the above-mentioned individuals, I certainly have learned a great deal about how I engage with my readers and listeners from them.  This weekend, at CPAC, again, I was struck by the talent that I have the privilege to call mentors, colleagues, and friends almost entirely because of Andrew Breitbart’s legacy.

Andrew didn’t bequeath all he had to only one of his loyal followers and friends but to us all.  His legacy cannot be claimed by any one individual in the stumbling, ailing conservative movement. I also don’t think it should fall to Townhall employees.  Project Veritas is able to see his legacy. The Daily Wire also has it.  You can hear it on Fox News, as well as on many podcasts across the nation.  Andrew can’t be attributed to one person because Andrew and all Andrew are alike.

How fortunate we are to have that ability.

Andrew, we are grateful for all you do. Only hope for us is to do you proud. #WAR

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