Nikki Haley Reassures Fox Viewers That UN Leaders Who Laughed at Trump Actually ‘Respect’ Him

​”The media got this all wrong.”

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday that the laughter President Donald Trump had elicited from world leaders the day before was not ridicule, but “respect.”

Trump opened his speech at the General Assembly on Tuesday by boasting that in his short time in office he had ​”accomplished more than almost any other administration in the history” of the United States. The hall responded with laughter.

The next day Haley tried to explain the awkward scene to Fox News viewers, lest they think the world is laughing at an American president (a point Trump has ​always been sensitive about).

“I know you were in the room when the laugh happened,” host Ainsley Earhardt told Haley. “Sometimes the media can portray it as one thing and it’s not that at all. What was it like, and why that reaction?”

“The media got this all wrong,” Haley reassured the panel, before pulling rank. “I deal with these leaders every single day, I know exactly how they think.”

And based on Haley’s perspicacity and experience, the guffawing world leaders weren’t mocking America — they were showing their respect.

“Do they love America? No. Do they respect America? Now they do,” said Haley. “When he said that, they love how honest he is. And it’s not diplomatic, and they find it funny. When he goes and he is very truthful, they’re kinda taken aback with it. They’re not used to it.”

Not only weren’t the members of the UN laughing at Trump, said Haley, they were in fact “falling over themselves to get a picture with them, to talk about how great his speech was, how strong it was.”

Haley also insisted that Trump’s truculent tone — at least towards the Democracies of ​Canada and ​Germany, not so much towards the ​totalitarian state of ​North Korea — was part of the reason world leaders loved him so much.

“Whether he said good things about them or not, they loved he was honest with them,” Haley said.

Haley further noted that an unnamed foreign official told her in private that he/she thinks talks about impeaching the president are a bad idea.

“I was talking to a world leader yesterday,” said Haley. “I won’t name which leader it was, and he said I can’t believe that they would ever talk about impeachment, 25th amendment. He said: ‘Do they understand this is America? You don’t play with something like that.’”

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