MAGA Hat-Wearing Outrage Machine Tomi Lahren Accuses Feminists of Using Hats to Get Attention

​ “Getting attention with hats.”

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren criticized modern-day feminists during an appearance on Fox & Friends Tuesday.

Lahren accused millennial feminists of “hijacking” feminism. “It’s become less about equal treatment and equal rights and more about special treatment,” she said in reference to feminism. “It’s become about man-bashing and demanding free things and marching in the streets, getting attention with hats, and being anti-Trump.”

Commenters on Twitter suggested Lahren shouldn’t be throwing stones at attention-seeking feminists considering the bombastic Fox News contributor’s brand.

Lahren is known for making incendiary comments during her monologues and has a penchant for wearing MAGA hats on social media, which some might take as a sign that she’s not exactly attention averse.

Media Matters news director John Whitehouse summed up the sentiments of many users in a tweet that received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments:

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