Jesse Watters Jokes That Juan Williams ‘Would Know’ About Drugs From Mexico

“Yeah, right.”

Fox News’ Juan Williams did not appear to appreciate a joke made at his expense on Tuesday.

During an argument on “The Five,” Williams’ cohost Jess Watters backed up some of President Donald Trump’s arguments about the need for a wall along the US-Mexico border. Illegal immigrants, Watters said, bring drugs and disease into the United States.

Williams, for his part, disputed both claims.

Of immigrant disease-spreading: “I’ll tell you what, we’re not spreading diseases, we’re spreading falsehoods right now,” he said.

Of immigrant drug-smuggling, he said, “In fact most drugs come through legal ports of entry.”

Although Williams was ​mostly ​right, Watters fired back with some playground humor: “You would know, Juan. You sound like you’re high right now.”

However, Williams, who was born in Panama and is an accomplished journalist 14 years Watters’ senior, looked unamused.

“Yeah, right,” he scoffed, looking down.

Greg Gutfeld, a third cohost, quickly moved the conversation forward.

Watters has been at the center of ​controversies over racial humor in the past. Most recently, in August, he laughed at Asian jokes comedian Terrence K. Williams made on his show “Watters World” about New York Times tech writer Sara Jeong. After Williams said, “There is something wrong with them fortune cookies that Ling Ling’s eating,” Watters laughed, and cut off the segment.

Some, mostly liberal, critics see such moments as proof of Watters’ ― and perhaps Fox News and its audience’s ― thinly veiled racism. But conservatives often counter that ​political ​correctness has gotten out of hand in American ​culture, and that their side is judged especially unfairly.

Those, in fact, were the themes of the discussion in which Terrence K. Williams made the fortune cookie joke.

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