WashPost Puffs Kavanaugh Neighbor Organizing Uncivil ‘Doomsday’ Protests Outside His Home

The Washington Post has a bad habit of applauding rudeness – when it’s “progressive.” We remember the hosannas for Juli “Middle Finger Salute” Briskman, elected to the Loudoun County Board. Now Ellie Silverman, a reporter covering “protest movements,” penned a salute to Lacie Wooten-Holway, a neighbor of Justice Brett Kavanaugh who organized pro-abortion protests in front of his house.

The headline with two large color photos on the front page of the Metro section was “Protest for freedom at home With Roe v. Wade on the line, Justice Kavanaugh’s neighbor rallies for abortion rights.”

There’s no one quoted in the story that actually opposes abortion, or supports Justice Kavanaugh. There’s just nervous neighbors who aren’t sure about the tactics. The strongest objection was “This constant escalation, I think, makes it dangerous.” But there was space for rebuttal:

“That I don’t agree with,” the man interjected. “I think you vote, and you expand the court. You don’t go to a guy’s house.”

She had heard the argument before and responded: “I organize peaceful candlelit vigils in front of his house. …We’re about to get doomsday, so I’m not going to be civil to that man at all.”

They were so in love with that quote they pulled it out of their heads to emphasise the point. It’s also ridiculous. It’s like a mushroom cloud that you can’t get an abortion whenever you want. One neighbor was troubled and wouldn’t explain to her 7-year old the dismemberment of her baby. However, it was mostly promotional.

According to our sources, Lacie was 18 years old and 21 when she had her second abortion. She then went on to have two more children. This continued:

Wooten-Holway is a 39 year-old aftercare worker and teaching assistant. She has been protesting the neighbor for months.

Usually she is the only neighbor there — a reminder that with every march and chant she is breaking an unspoken contract of civility.

Chevy Chase is just outside the District line and geniality has been a part of Chevy Chase’s social code for ages. But Wooten-Holway — who has had an abortion and is a survivor of sexual assault — cannot separate the politics from the personal…

As hundreds of women mobilized in the nation’s capital to protest Kavanaugh’s nomination to the court, Wooten-Holway marched with them.

CNN aired footage of Wooten Holway protesting in crowd. She held a sign with her graphic hands that was displayed above her head, and it appeared as footage on CNN. a caricature of Kavanaugh groping Lady Justice, one hand over her mouth, saying “Don’t Scream!”

Wooten-Holway’s activism drew attention to herself and her eldest, Patience, who was 12 years old at the time and uses they/them pronouns.

Kavanaugh can be cartooned as a groper and nobody fears Glenn Kessler breaking in to check the facts.

Eugene Scott, a national journalist and political reporter promoted the story to other Posties: 

Silverman heavily tweets and retweets her story. But she was not enthusiastic about tweeting stories on March’s trucker convoy, which traveled to DC in opposition of vaccine mandates. This time, who’s the hero? Who’s the villain? This is not surprising.

Silverman’s twitter page shows that Silverman is awake, especially in the newsroom where labor practices are being followed closely. 

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