WashPost Changes Fareed Zakaria’s Headline Slamming Pronouns

The Washington PostAfter backlash from Twitter leftists, Fareed Zakaria changed the headline for a column published Friday on CNN. The original headline from the Thursday piece read “Forget Pronouns: Democrats need to become the party of building things.”  

According to Post Millennial, summarized The Washington Post piece which is behind a paywall: “Zakaria listed of the myriad problems facing the US, from social problems to infrastructure to the economy. He concluded, “This isn’t a perception problem.” It’s a real problem. Democrats must once again be the party that builds and gets things done. That’s a lot more important to most Americans than using the right pronouns.’  That currently is the only mention of the word ‘pronouns’ in the piece.”  

The Post Millennial continues “Zakaria writes: ‘it has become very difficult to build anything in America, especially in blue states. President Barack Obama, who passed another big infrastructure bill in 2009, famously said later that ‘there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.’ That’s because, as New York Times columnist Ezra Klein has noted, the number of permits, reviews, and delays that have become part of the normal approval process have delayed or doomed the prospects of large-scale public projects. Democrats have been paralysed in their own thoughts and interest groups and are unable to find a way forward.  

The backlash from leftists and trans activists was swift, most prominently from Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who wailed that “it is wildly inappropriate to instruct Democrats to toss aside an entire group of Americans in order to win.”



Parker Molloy is a trans activist and writer who accuses Zakaria of being deranged. She then reveals that she is actually the one deranged in the situation (at least temporarily)


According to Post Millennial, “as at Friday 5pm, the headline changed to not mention pronouns in title.” Worse, this correction was “not noted in the article. It was just scrubbed clean.” 

Instead of standing strong against the woke mob Zakaria groveled at the feet of the LGBTQ bullies like Chasten Buttigieg: “I hope it is clear that I am NOT arguing against any minority groups. I belong to many. It is not my intention to give Republicans easy access to the media and divert our attention. These embattled organizations will be hurt if the Democrats lose the midterms.  

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