WashPost: Biden Getting COVID an ‘Opportunity to Show ‘Success of His Leadership’

The sudden diagnosis of COVID in President Biden triggered a flurry The Washington PostThe motto was changed from “Democracy Dies in Darkness” and now “We’re Walking On Sunshine.” It was aerobic. 

Post columnist Leana Wen stood out with a piece on Thursday headlined “Biden’s covid diagnosis is a teaching moment for the country.” She began: “President Biden’s Covid-19 diagnosis is an His administration has the opportunity to show the results of its leadership in the fight against the pandemicHow it feels to be infected by the coronavirus

…. Given his habit of hugging and shaking hands and the amount of events that he attended, it should come as no surprise that Biden has contracted coronavirus. He has not yet shown any symptoms, but they are expected to remain mild.

Biden was a “successful,” in that he has helped to end the pandemic, even though there have been more Americans who died while he was president than under Trump. The vaccines Dr. Wen referred to as Biden’s success, were created and implemented under Trump.

She wrote, “Biden should utilize his illness to inform the public about Covid-19 as a manageable condition for almost everybody as long as they are using the tools.”

The PostJoel Achenbach and Lenny Bernstein also ignored mentions of Trump vaccine development: “President Biden double-booted is in a great position to fight covid.”

The second U.S. president infected by the coronavirus is in a Much more advantageous positionTo fight covid-19 better than the first.

When President Donald Trump was sickened in October 2020 — before the rollout of vaccines — he experienced covid symptoms severe enough to send him to the hospital as doctors scrambled to administer an array of medicines for a patient whose oxygen level had dropped to dangerous levels.

The President of the United States, however, was positive for coronavirus in his test on Thursday. Excellent chance to avoid the worst outcomesFrom covid according to physicians interviewed Thursday.

Then came fervently liberal Philip Bump, with “Biden’s covid diagnosis shows the benefits of avoiding infection.” Like Wen, Bump said the positive test was inevitable because he meets all these people and travels all over. 

Donald Trump, as president, preferred a simple return to normal, as suggested by Scott Atlas (radiologist), to allow the spread of infection and build immunity. But that meant millions of people contracting the virus before vaccines and before effective therapeutics — so it meant There have been hundreds of thousands deaths.

To avoid contracting the virus as quickly as possible (as Biden did), means you have the greatest chance of a full and speedy recovery.

Bump published a newsletter called “How to Read This Chart” and ran charts that showed how less deaths were occurring with the new Covid versions. He was not going to share a chart showing Trump’s “hundreds and thousands of dead” with Bidens’ “MORE than hundreds of thousand of deaths.”

Every death in Trump’s reign was caused by Trump and his advisors, as we all know. Every death under Biden has nothing to do with Biden and his “successful leadership of the pandemic.”


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