WARNING: ‘Bans Off Our Bodies’ Protestors Coming To A City Near You

Leftie baby killers like Glamour are gearing for protest on May 14, in the wake of Roe V. Wade’s possible repeal. “We’ll see you there.”

In a May 11 Glamour Magazine article, author Jenny Singer published “What to Know About the National May 14 Protest for Abortion Rights.” The piece covered why people should protest, how to find local protests, preparation for protests, and the impact of protesting … all for the “right” to kill babies. 

Nationwide, organizations have joined forces to protest Roe v. Wade’s overturning on Saturday May 14. Protesters are calling the event “Bans Off Our Bodies Day of Action for Abortion Rights.” 

Following the trend of bashing conservatives and people who actually value all life, Singer wrote “Across the country, women—and nonbinary people, men, and children—feel betrayed and abandoned by conservative lawmakers. It’s already happening. It’s time to take action.” Forced birth?! How about the forced execution of an innocent child? And don’t even get me started about “feeling betrayed.” 

The first amendment of the Constitution grants citizens the right to free speech so yes, peaceful protests are legal and encouraged — even if they’re only meant to intimidate Supreme Court justices. Sill, protesting for the “right” to kill someone else? Come on! 

In the same piece, Singer wrote, “we protest for abortion rights—as communities, as cities and towns, as families, as faith groups.” It’s ironic that Singer mentioned “faith groups.” I’m unsure which faith promotes the murder of innocent babies — unless you call leftist ideology a faith group. 


Singer, along with the Glamour Squad lefties have protested in peaceful ways since the Supreme Court leak. One leftie suggested murdering Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, two republicans against the slaughter of the unborn. Sen. Liz Warren (D-Mass.) shouted some pretty insurrectionist sounding fight words.  Raging protesters visited Justices homes including Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts, Amy Coney Barrett, and Samuel Alito.  Pro-life organizations like Concerned Women for America have been vandalized. And a pro-life clinic in Wisconsin was torched. 

This is not the way that “peaceful protests” are supposed to look. Although May 14 might not follow the same pattern as April 14, cities are advised to prepare. Singer said to “expect a massive, national outcry.” Is that a threat? 

In the Glamour piece, Singer linked to Planned Parenthood’s map of all the Bans Off Our Bodies protests throughout the continental U.S. for May 14. 

The left-leaning tactics of pro-lifers must be avoided. Keep your head up and fight for life.

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