Wanna Bet? Joe Scarborough Says ‘Nobody Here Comparing Trump to Hitler’ 

Liberal network see, liberal network do! Monday at MSNBC Morning JoeWe were able to see Michael Beschloss, NBC News’ presidential historian, claiming that he was not comparing Donald Trump with Hitler. However, he continued to do so. Fast-forward to Tuesday and it was co-host Joe Scarborough’s turn.

Scarborough confessed to Mika Brzezinski (wife and co-host) that Beschloss did the exact same thing.Nobody here compares Donald Trump with Hitler.” Before explaining the alleged parallels between Trump’s win in 2016, Hitler’s rise, and Germany’s invasion of Europe,



After Brzezinski shared that she had spoken Monday with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and it reminded her of Albright’s “warning that she gave to both of us about the Trump presidency before it even began” how people like her late father Zbigniew Brzezinski “[knew]Take [Trump] very seriously” as he had “lived through and studied fascism

Scarborough then let it rip, claiming “nobody here is comparing Donald Trump to Hitler” as “Donald Trump is a force all unto himself” although others who’ve lived through World War II have thought of him in more stark terms: 

He has not been stopped yet by the courts. However, it is fascinating to me that there are people who have escaped Europe, such as your father or Madeleine Albright. Other immigrants were also expelled from Europe during the 1930s. They came from Italy, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia or Poland. These are the people who speak up to warn us about Donald Trump and just say that it could happen here. It is unlikely that it will happen. 

Particularly: Scarborough spoke of Albright’s warning to Trump that, if Trump wins in 2016, the same thing in Europe during the 1930’s would “come to the United States.” And that “it can happen here,” It is impossible to leave the country.

Scarborough, no surprise, has drawn the Trump/Hitler parallel. Scarborough, who described the Trump rally back in July 2019 as a “Nuremberg rallies”, added The time was right to draw parallels between current events and Germany in 1933. 

Und in 2020 Morning Joe appearance, regular guest Donny Deutsch made repeated Trump/Hitler comparisons. One point Deutsch claimed that Donald Trump’s sermons are no different from those of Adolf Hitler.In the 30s. “Let’s not forget it.”

Scarborough has the right to retract and apologize for his false statements. Do not expect anything.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough falsely claiming that no one on the show has compared Donald Trump to Hitler was sponsored in part by GlaxoSmithKline (maker of Voltaren), Sleep Number, GoDaddy, and Etsy,

You can find the transcription here.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe
Eastern at 6:24 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI : I believe these people will be remembered for decades to come as —as, you know the little bits that held this democracy together. This still has much to do.


BRZEZINSKI – I was speaking to the former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was last night. We thought of her, and the message she sent to us both about Trump’s presidency Before it ever began. It was all started by And My father was one of those people, someone who has lived with and studied fascism., You must take your man very seriouslyYou will be shocked at the severity of every single action taken in this attempt to destroy our democracy by the presidency.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah. It is, I’ll say, fascinating. The increased intensity we have all heard about from Europeans.


SCARBOROUGH – We are not again nobody — nobody here is comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. Donald Trump is a force all unto himself and he’s operating inside an extraordinarily strong and vibrant democracy, despite what you read on Twitter every day. 


SCARBOROUGH: But — but — but he’s a bull in a China shop and he’s — he’s trying to — to, you know, bolt through the front door. Although he has been stopped by the courts, I find it interesting that he is still trying to escape.People who fled Europe Your mother is Madeleine Albright’s father. Talked to immigrants who were In the 1930s Europe was expelled.It didn’t matter if it was Germany, Italy, Poland or Czechoslovakia. These are the people who speak up to us and give us intense warnings about Donald Trump. it can happen here. But you don’t.


SCARBOROUGH – It is possible here. This was something we didn’t expect to happen.

BRZEZINSKI – That’s the way it all starts.

SCARBOROUGH — In Austria. It was impossible for us to imagine it happening in Germany. This could not have happened in Czechoslovakia. This could not have happened in Poland, we thought. You can do it here. It is especially true Madeleine Albright who, in 2016, offered us many sobering warnings, warning:It is happening in the United States. You won’t be able imagine the country that Donald Trump will lead if he wins. Madeleine Albright had it right, as always.

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