Wake Up West! UK Lawmaker Proposes Communist Chinese-Style Truth Score

One British lawmaker introduced a Chinese-style communist social credit score. West!

U.K. Conservative Party legislation John Penrose proposed an addition to the anti-free speech Online Safety Bill requiring platforms to create a truth score for every user. Similar to the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit scoring system, this is also similar. The CCP has also started to use artificial intelligence to test Chinese citizens’ loyalty to the government.

Reclaim The Net reported that Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center uploaded a video showing how Chinese researchers used artificial intelligence (AI), including biometrics, to assess internet user loyalty. The AI tech supposedly evaluates a person’s attentiveness and responses to “thought and political education.”

Penrose proposed “an index of the historic factual accuracy of material published by each user,” subject to vague limits, according to the proposal. The truth score would be regulated by the U.K. Communications regulator Ofcom, in addition to its already extensive powers under the Online Safety Bill.

Ending “misinformation” has been used to increase censorship around the world within the last few years, as Reclaim The Net noted. Although the Online Safety Bill is supposed to improve internet safety, the provisions of the bill have raised concerns that it could restrict free expression online. The U.K. recently announced that the Online Safety Bill specifically targets so-called “Russian and hostile state disinformation.”

Britain may be getting this invasive technology from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Chinese video from Hefei reportedly described a tool able to use brain waves and facial expressions “further [to]Solidify [party members’] confidence and determination to be grateful to the party, listen to the party and follow the party.” The technology reportedly evaluates if the individual needs more “education.” The science center then quickly removed the video from its website and social media, Reclaim The Net reported.

This isn’t surprising, as the CCP’s invasive surveillance and data collection technology has been collecting detailed data about Chinese citizens for years.

The newly advertised tactics could also impact Americans, as CCP-affiliated TikTok collects U.S. users’ biometric data. The CCP partially owns and controls TikTok’s data, according to new revelations.

Conservatives being attacked. Contact your local representative and demand that Big Tech be held to account to mirror the First Amendment while providing transparency, clarity on “hate speech” and equal footing for conservatives. If you have been censored, contact us using CensorTrack’s Use the contact formHelp us to hold Big Tech responsible.

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