Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth After Ukraine-Born GOP House Member Dares to Question the Cult – Opinion

Though it’s largely missing from the headlines these days, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine continues. As RedState has covered extensively, the Ukrainians have managed to put up a much stronger fight than originally predicted, and that’s led to a protracted, deadly ground war in the contested areas of the east.

Unfortunately, while some thought that would be enough to cause Vladimir Putin to lose interest, that hasn’t happened. Russia seems to have accepted that it will do whatever is necessary to preserve its control over separatist regions. The US view of this is that Russia is willing to spend a lot of money in order to wage a proxy war. Not everyone at Washington supports that.

Victoria Spartz (a Ukrainian-born GOP Rep.) is a staunch supporter for Ukraine during the conflict. However, her questioning of the cult led to her being charged with impeding war efforts, both by Democrats and her Republican Republican peers.

Inside the House GOP Conference, there’s a widespread fear that her posture is damaging U.S.-Ukraine relations at the worst possible time — and that she’s being played by forces that aim to weaken the Western alliance. GOP national-security hawks also worry that the MAGA wing of their party, where there’s already resistance to supporting Ukraine, will point to Spartz’s comments as justification.

They’re concerned that Spartz’s public break from Zelenskyy — and her corruption accusations about his closest aides — could portend future cracks in U.S. support for Ukraine, especially as the midterm elections approach.

To be frank, I’m pretty much sick and tired of hearing about what the establishment, neoconservative GOP is “concerned” about. They are those who have been wrong on almost every issue of foreign policy for many decades. Spartz simply wants to take a pragmatic approach and create a record of all billions of dollars worth weapons systems that we send to Ukraine.

Her colleagues, who are hiding behind anonymity, have been running to Politico and shaming her. It’s gross and cowardly. It’s also nonsensical.

“Her naiveness is hurting our own people,” said a GOP lawmaker who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, granted anonymity to speak candidly about a colleague. “It is not helpful to what we’re trying to do and I’m not sure her facts are accurate … We have vetted these guys.” The Republican warned that Spartz’s comments could “hurt” the war effort.

Asked for comment on Spartz’s remarks, one senior House Republican who was granted anonymity for the same reason offered a blunt reply: “What the fuck.”

I’m confused. Do we support Ukraine? Or do we praise its president Volodymyr Zelensky with unwavering, unduesing praise? Personally, I’m not a strong critic of Zelensky, as I believe he’s about the best you are going to get in a corrupt, oligarchic nation, but I find it ridiculous to suggest anyCriticizing his staff, even though it is out of line with the law, is actually helpful for Russia. How could a single House member’s commentary harm the “war effort”? That doesn’t even make sense.

Spartz is not allowed to serve Ukraine, and this was the last time I checked. Spartz has the power and freedom to choose strikes or balls as she pleases. It is ridiculous to treat absolute subservience of the Zelensky regime (including zero skepticism about the billions flowing to them) as a loyalty test.

What’s even dumber at this is that Spartz’s criticism has come from a position of wanting to defeat Russia. Her roots are in Ukraine. Zelensky’s close friends are believed to be putting Ukraine in grave danger and ultimately aiding Putin achieve his objectives. Spartz is also concerned that Ukraine’s money may end up in wrong hands, which she has evidence back.

What is so objectionable about that to Sen. Lindsey Graham and the neoconservatives? It’s almost as if anything, and I mean anything, that might cost the military-industrial complex a few bucks draws wailing and gnashing of teeth. Well, it’s not “almost as if” because that’s exactly what is happening here. These warmongers learned absolutely nothing from the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they’ll let you know with a level of arrogance that would make Tom Brady blush.

Spartz is innocent of any wrongdoing. She’s anti-Russian and pro-Ukraine, but she’s not a sucker. If the US intelligence agency really is getting involved in the matter, it is another evidence against deep-rooted partisan corruption that pervades the federal government.

Spartz should continue speaking her mind. It’s enjoyable watching her make a bunch of anonymous GOP officials uncomfortable. More importantly, the things she’s saying matter and should be taken seriously.

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